Stuttgart City Guide

Famous attractions, vibrant entertainment, great people, delicious cuisine, name it. Everything you are looking for in a place to visit is here in Stuttgart. The greatest of what you can experience is how the people will welcome you. Though there can be a language barrier, they will not hesitate to interact and guide you in their locality. They value tourists so much that discrimination is not part of its people’s vocabulary. The city’s history started with the resettlement that happened during the first century A.D. However, it was only in 950 A.D. after the Battle of Lechfeld when it was formally founded. Going younger in its history, Stuttgart was pronounced to be the capital city of Wurttemberg in 1803. King Wilhelm took power over the city, which gave rise to its now treasured pieces including the Wilhelm Palace and a lot of other landmarks. These historic buildings become the center of the city’s tourism industry nowadays. Getting Familiar with Stuttgart A well-known city across Europe, Stuttgart is a house for more or less 590,000 people. The name is derived from its old version “Stuttengarten,” which literally means mare’s garden. The city became famous not only because of its breathtaking attractions but as well as the automotive industries including Mercedes-Benz and Porsche. The city is ranked as the sixth largest city among others in Germany. It is specifically located right at the bottom of a very populated area and circled with smaller towns. A lot of tourists are actually surprised as to how unusual this city is. This is because since the place is a cradle of the automobile industry, it amazingly houses a number of hills, parks, and valleys. Aside from this amazement the city can offer to first-time visitors, it also is notably a very happy city. It is a home for quality and distinguished entertainment like theater halls and opera houses. More than this, travelers are encouraged to come back and visit the city mainly because of special festivals including the Cannstatter Volksfest, Eclat New Music Festival, Summer Festival, and Fasnet. All year round, different festivals of different themes are being celebrated, a reason why joy does not leave this place. This is the very reason why a lot of tourists can hardly leave the city. And will you ever get over the city if you experience its abundant nightlife? Yes, night times are fun times here in Stuttgart. Live music, drinks, and clubs are just few of what you can have in the midst of the city’s colorful night lights. Moreover, this place can be best visited during the summer so as you can travel any destination in the city. Especially if you want to explore the hidden beauty of its hills, the right summer sky will be the perfect timing aside from the fact that the hills can be dangerous during poor weather conditions. Also, you will never get tired of roaming around the city. With no expense, free vehicles are provided by Stadtbahn or U-bahn and S-bahn. Wherever you feel like going, there is surely one driver that is willing to offer you a ride.