Fira Attractions Guide

Places to Visit: Gold Street With its endless and almost maze-like streets, one will be surely have fun in the Gold Street. It houses a lot of commercial establishments. Jewelry lovers will love it more for its vast collection of jewelry. Authentic Greek designs as well as classical and modern styles are sold to delighted and wiling visitors. Galleries are also available for those who wanted to see some art. Archaeological Museum of Thira Thira or Thera is the old name of Santorini. History lovers would be delighted to see relics, sculptures and other antique materials from the Archaic, Hellenistic and Roman period. Vast collections provide a peek on the popular art forms during the Hellenistic times. Pots, wares and paintings with inscriptions can be found inside the museum. Bellonias Cultural Foundation It is considered the cultural center of Fira which is located at the central square of the city. Established by the Bellonias brothers, Evangelos and Loukas, the foundation keeps its goal of helping in the development of educational and cultural activities in Santorini. The foundation has a hall and a vast collection of books which will appeal to visitors who likes to gain knowledge about the city. Theotokopoulos Square It is the gathering place of everyone in Fira. The place is the exact reflection of the busy city life. It houses a lot of different shops, restaurants, cafes and fast food chains which are loaded with visitors, local and tourist alike. The square is much commercialized, with a lot of souvenir shops for tourist and basic necessities being sold to locals. Fira Thalassa Cruise A view of the sea from the cliffs of Santorini is amazing but a cruise on the sea itself is much more spectacular than anything else. An afternoon Thalassa cruise is what every visitor should put in their itinerary when visiting Fira. The cruise will leave the port of Santorini and will head to Nea Kameni, an active volcano islet and Palea Kameni, a smaller island with hot springs. The cruise will much likely provide a peek and pictures on how volcano-islands were formed, how their gases produce different colors on sight and how villages on top of the cliffs looked from afar. Visitors will surely enjoy the cruise with a dramatic sunset at the side while looking at the picturesque white-washed houses of Fira, while their cruise ship was embraced by the deep blue sea. Fira Folklore Museum, It was built in 1681. It is a very conventional house that gives a view of what is Santorini before. Long established furniture, objects and other genuine Greek materials can be seen inside. Gyzis Mansion The place is locally called the Megaro Gyzi. Built in 1980, this place is where tourist will witness and enjoy how the past dwellings of ancient people are alike. The place holds copper engravings that date as far as 16th to the 19th century. It holds an annual festival that features entertaining events ranging from musical concerts to art exhibition. These efforts were greatly administered by the Catholic Diocese of Santorini.


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