Imeroviglion City Guide

Imeroviglion is a traditional neighbourhood in Greece. Found in the Santorini archipelago of the southern Aegean Sea, southeast of Greece’s mainland. Imeroviglion is more known as Imerovigli. It is most famous for its magnificent view of the sunset that is called “balcony of the Aegean”. This is not surprising to know since Imerovigli is 300 meters high. This is the highest spot in the rim of the caldera. Also the word Imerovigli literally means “day watch”. It came from the word “vigla” that means day. It is actually the extension of Fira (the capital of Santorini). Imerovigli is just 2km away from it, but is positioned on a higher cliff. With Imerovigli’s location, in the latter days it allowed a good view of incoming intruders or pirates to the area. As of now, it is a picturesque and quiet village that is worth visiting in Greece. The area of Imerovigli and Santorini, which where described to be in the Caldera, holds the remains of an enormous volcanic explosion. This site is witness to one of the largest volcanic eruptions recorded in world history. This volcanic eruption happened around 3,600 years ago during the Minoan civilization. It is called the Minoan eruption or Thera eruption. The theory or legend of Atlantis, which was said to be a sunken city because of a great tsunami caused by the volcanic eruption, has originated from this historic occurrence. The climate of Imerovigli or Santorini in general is mild and dry. The summer time temperature can range between 25-35 degrees. The best time to go there is in July and August where the skies are clear daily. That is also the time where all the tourists come and enjoy Greece in general. But if you prefer a quieter time and fewer visitors, come at May, June, September and October. The weather is still fine; those are the months of autumn and spring. The beaches of Santorini have a unique trait which showcases different colors depending on which geologic layer it exposes. The sand of these beaches may vary from black, red, and white. Since Imerovigli is at the edge of the Caldera, its cliff would be a very interesting site to see, exposing a once hidden part of a volcano. Going to Imerovigli starts with booking a flight from your destination to Santorini then from there you can either travel on land by bus to Imerovigli. Some European airlines have flights directly to Santorini, its best to check your airlines for availability. Ferry is also a choice in going to Santorini. Decide what would best suit your budget and preference of travel. Staying in Imerovigli, you have a variety of choices for lodging, from nice taverns to typical houses and hotels. The area provides a lot bars and other places of interest. Sightseeing in Imerovigli can be enjoyed both night and day. As this is one of the places in Greece where white washed houses are abundant, these structures are a treat to see when lighted by day contrasting with the azure blue of the sea & sky. And even more beautiful at night where it changes and reflect the colors of sunset to having their own village lights at night. Travelling in and out of Imerovigli is by riding a mule, cable car, or by foot. Because the movement of roads is either going up or down the cliffs. Shopping in the area ranges from buying wines, jewellery, handicrafts, and clothes. Local stores are within the area and have a variety of interesting stuffs to peruse and buy. Sandals are a good find; local sandals are comfortable and are handmade. Night life in Imerovigli is defined by bars and a few cafes spotted in the area. But with the beautiful over-looking sites from Imerovigli it’s more described as breath-taking and a romantic spot during the sunset and night time.