Mykonos City Guide

Mykonos is the most popular cosmopolitan city in Greece. Looking at Greece’s map it is located in its central area. It is part of the Cycladic Islands in the south Aegean Sea. This group of twelve islands derived its name from their circular formation. A bit of Mykonos history indicates that Ionians had settled in the early 11 century BC. Being an island, Mykonos boasts of its pristine sandy beaches and magnificent sunset. The city’s name was said to be derived from the name of the Greek God Apollo’s grandson which is Mykons. Also in Greek mythology, Mykonos is said to be the place where the battle of Zeus and the Titans took place. Mykonos is known for its intense night life, often described to be an attraction for homosexuals. Its numerous night clubs and bars are frequented mostly by young people. For the laid back ones, Mykonos offers its idyllic beaches for relaxation. The turquoise blue water scenery, picturesque blue and white houses, and numerous churches are a feast to those who enjoys touring the city by foot. Shopping wise, Mykonos has the reputation of having the most expensive buys and stores in the Greek Islands. This may be of the many funky fashion and designer boutiques found in the Hora district. Many of the biggest names in fashion can be spotted here, to name a few Dolce and Gabbana, Lacoste, and Diesel. A popular glam store is Soho-Soho. In general most of the tourist shopping needs are can be found in Mykonos. Popular finds such as T-shirts, postcards, books, and Greek souvenirs are usually just around the corner. Greek food is a must for those travelling in Mykonos. Sea food is a definite menu along the restaurant beaches. Mediterranean and other international delicacies are served by different restaurants, so just take your pick. Regular attire in Mykonos is actually anything that is comfortable. Because its tourist activities ranges from a historical city tour, to enjoying the beaches, and lastly to a night of ultimate partying in the clubs and bars. Lifestyle in Mykonos is Mediterranean, lunch is 2-4pm in the afternoon and dinner is after midnight. Clubbing and disco is alive around 3-4 am and often lasts and open until 8-10 am. The best time to visit Mykonos is during the months in between July and August. Those are the busy months where all the visitors come and enjoy the warm climate. If you prefer a quieter and more relaxed months go to Mykonos in May, June, September, and October. These are the months of spring and autumn. In winter the islands of Greece usually go on hibernation. And often times island cafes and restaurants are seasonal. Even bus and ferry services are either minimal or cancelled due to the weather. Because of this most of the people and locals go to the mainland for a few months. Travelling in Mykonos is easy. You can choose from land travel by buses, taxi, or private vehicle; ferries if you want to go inter island; and travel by air or plane if you’re going to and from Mykonos.