Naxos Chora Attractions Guide

Since there are many options to choose from in this very dynamic city, a tourist with a limited time ought to do some planning. There are certain must-see places that are perfect for picture-taking and are definitely worth-storing in the memory (both of a camera and human brain). 1. Chora, being the town capital, beams with so much cultural flare and unique aura. It is a lively area, busy with vessels accessing the main port. The old town is divided into two main segments – the Bouros where native Greeks reside; and, Kastro where most noble families inhabit. In both areas, one could marvel at the unique architecture displayed by the Venetian houses still standing on the streets. 2. The Naxos Beaches are one of the spectacular places in Naxos Chopra as the waters of these favorite tourists spots, are painted with enthralling, pacifying blue. It contrasts well to the white sand where most tourists enjoy soaking under the sun for a tan. 3. The Palatial View is where a tourist can get a perfect overlooking view of the slopes carpeted with flowers and white-painted town. Atop the Palatia, any tourist would agree that it is a site where magnificence, grandeur, serenity and awe, would embrace any spectator. 4. The Temple of Apollo is one famous attraction in Naxos Chora. After all, apart from the picture-perfect scenery, most tourists visit Greece for its history and impressive structures. This glorious temple could anytime compete as one ancient wonder of the world, only that the only thing left in this structure is its imposing door frame which had been a favorite component of every photographer’s picture. 5. The Capella is one of the best-kept secrets of Kastro in Naxos Chora. It used to be a private chapel of a Venetian duke, Marco Sanudo. It boasts of a flamboyant French design, specifically baroque in orientation. With its unique charm and antique-ish elegance, it would not be surprising that couples would soon choose this as a top wedding destination. In Capella, art and worship merges. 6. Domus della Rocca-Barozzi is better known as the Venetian Museum to many. It is famous most especially during the season of the Domus Festival in November. Still, apart from the said festival, many people frequent the place because of the year-round cultural events held in the museum. The old cellar area, for instance, usually holds painting, sculpture or jewelry exhibits. The courtyard area on the other hand, is a breathtaking secret garden where piano, violin, guitar performances are held. Fabulous musical performances featuring Greek music, Jazz and Byzantine-choral music are held in this area. 7. Kouros is where a tourist can come face to face with a ancient marble queries. The two giant 6.4 meters kouroi among the olive trees remain lying for spectators to view, until today. 8. L’Olivier Shop is the final stop you must consider especially if you intend to purchase an authentic and unique souvenir from Naxos. The place is run by a passionate couple who produces wonderful and charming art, perfect for one’s collection. With the myriad of choices and sites to enjoy in Naxos Chora, you will definitely look forward to traveling in this promising city.


Naxos Chora