Perissa Attractions Guide

When you are up for culture, luxury and relaxation, Perissa is indeed the place to visit. Apart from the many beaches great for frolicking, the affordable accommodations and delectable dining options, Perissa also offers some of the most unique activities that would complete a memorable vacation. Some of the things-to-do in Perissa are: 1. Visit Boutari Winery. It is the perfect place for the wine connoisseurs or even the wannabes. It is a place where wine-drinking is an art since the winery holds tours within the place, plus and audio-visual presentation of winemaking. The tours which will grant cultural exposure plus wine tasting, is just usually under 10 dollars. The best part is, white wines are at its best in Boutari! 2. Go dive with the Mediterranean Dive Club. This is one great experience for most travelers – whether you are an adventure-seeker, a honeymooner, a cultural explorer, a nature-tripper or a water lover. A dive excursion with the club could just be your most thrilling adventure. The club assures this by starting with the provision of complete diving gear to ensure your safety. Dive masters accompany the tourists as they explore “the wreck” or the volcano area and some of the famous Greek caves. An extensive encounter with the marine species could be expected in this dive. Small fishes, lobsters, moral eels, octopus, groupers, even dolphins and seals could be seen swimming with the diving aficionados. 3. Do some more winery-hopping along the Perissa streets on scooter. The streets of Perissa spell adventure. It is a mixture of haunting and charming ruins and modernity. Apart from restaurants, souvenir shops and establishments suited for the tourists, there are also a good number of wine shops which line the streets of Perissa. If you are interested with wines, this is the perfect place to meet-and-greet them. An interesting fact though is that there is no pure red wine in Perissa because the soil for planting is acidic. Hence, the red wines produced are in fact mixed with wine for the perfect taste. White wines, meanwhile, are spectacular in Perissa. Some of the best wines are even compared to the smoothness of Chardonnay. 4. Feast on fabulous food in Perissa. Gastronomic adventure is best experienced in Greece as the olives, greens and herbs are fresh and in abundance in their country. Apart from God’s Garden, some of the best restaurants in Perissa are The Volcano Restaurant Taverna, Meteora Restaurant, Taverna Lava, Charlina, Acropolis, Aquarius, Taverna Xani and The Magic Bus. 5. Make a trip to the accessible Perissa neighbors. Since Perissa is already the heart and soul of the tourist-central Greece, no time must be wasted. A trip to other magnificent sites easily accessible from Perissa center must be done. Some of the places to visit are the Santorini Volcano, the Ancient Thera and the Palea Kameni. The Santorini Volcano is a good spot to be included in the itinerary as a trip to it is inexpensive and fun. This also provides a great backdrop for picture-taking and the perfect spot for a relaxing swim amidst therapeutic hot springs. In a trip to the Ancient Thera, there are three top things to look forward to – the magnificent trail hike, the ruins perfect for the click-happy photographers and the view of the Aegean. Finally, Palea Kameni is a must-see because it is one of the two volcanoes in Santorini. Apart from the relaxing hot springs, there is an interesting little church in the middle of the bay which makes the trip downright charming.