Killarney Attractions Guide

One of the most pleasurable walks in Killarney is from The Lake Hotel to Torc Waterfall. You leave from the Lake Hotel and pick up the Cycle / Walking Path at the entrance. After just under 1 mile, you will find Muckross Abbey built in 1475. This abbey has a fascinating history which includes burnings, evictions, famous tombs and even ghosts. Killarney is home Ireland’s oldest living thing: a Yew Tree, hundreds of years old. The Tomb of "Dan the Feathers" can be found here as well. Donal MacCarthy also known as "The last King", whose Castle is in-front of the Lake Hotel, is said to seen as big as life near the Muckross Abbey. Killarney walks offer everything from leisurely strolls to challenging hikes scrambling up ridges. There is no end to the possible explorations. If the touristy scene during the summer isn’t your style, then it is recommended you to avoid a weekend trip to Killarney during the height of tourist season. However, it is the perfect setting for a romantic off-season get- away, family holiday, or fun weekend away with a group of friends. Killarney can get extremely busy during peak travel season, and this might be an inconvenience to more conservative vacationers. However, it is a happening spot if you are looking to let your hair down for a few boogie nights. With six nightclubs, there is a dance style for everyone. Call ahead, though, because not all of the clubs are open every night. Don’t be discouraged every night there are plenty of late night bars. Scruufy's Bar, McSorleys and the Grand are quintessential examples of hopping late bars, all of which have live music during the week. Popular nightclubs include Mcsorleys Niteclub, Mustangs for the younger crowd and The Crypt for more mature patrons. Popular bars include The Laurels, The Granary which stays open late on weekends, Courtney’s, the Avenue, and the Tatler Jack. Couples do not have to spend every moment together. Ladies who are in the mood for a few cocktails should stop in the Lane Bar, the Kube or the Plaza. The manly men might be more inclined to gather at Jades, the 98 or the Stretford, the latter two boast pool tables and juke-boxes. While staying at a central hotel, you should not have a problem walking home. Remember, although Killarney is generally not an extremely rough town, there is safety in numbers. But if you require a taxi there is no shortage of availability just outside McSorleys in the town center. Count on spending at least 5 Euro, depending, on how far you wish to travel and how many new friends are coming back with you. If you like having the place to yourself, one would be advised to avoid Killarney when it hosts the Rally of the Lakes or the Vintage Bike Rally, which usually take place in April/May for the ROTL, and July for the Rally. Killarney gets extremely busy during these weekends, and accommodations and peace and quiet can become scarce. Even if you spend several days in Killarney you can find something to do each night. Live bands every night and no cover charge make McSorley's is a frequent choice. During the summer, the bar has some of the best bands in the country playing there including fantastic set ups. In the winter, you are likely to find more local groups. Although they may be not as widely known, they can be just as good. The nightclub at McSorely’s located upstairs is open 7 nights a week during the summer and is great fun. It features 4 screens just below the DJ booth. The light show is awesome and will keep you entranced. In the main bar during the summer there is a traditional Irish music session with some of the best local talent performing some well loved and well known Irish jigs, reels, and ballads. All in all, Killarney offers something for everyone. From easy walkers to hard partiers, you can move your feet to your favorite beat.