Bologna Attractions Guide

Some interesting attractions that one can enjoy in Bologna will be listed hereafter. 1. Archaeological Museum In this museum, the finest Egyptian collections are housed with the most important relevant discoveries ever found in Emilia. There has been an additional floor found underground that features an exquisite collection of sarcophagi and mummies. Meanwhile on the ground floor, a unique collection of casts are kept which displays ancient copies of the very famous Roman and Greek sculptures. In addition, found in the museum’s first floor came from Verucchio. On the other hand, different tools and artifacts are kept upstairs. 2. Basilica di San Petronio It will probably be surprising for those tourists to find out that the façade of this Gothic and beautiful basilica that was supposed to honor Bologna’s patron saint was never completed. According to some legends, it was never completed because of a papal decree that ordered those in charge to stop the construction because of plans of building a basilica that was said to have been more spacious than St. Peter’s. Even though workers have been trying to build the basilica for three centuries, it was never finished. 3. National Picture Gallery All the most influential and important masterpieces created from the school of painting that really made a great impressions to a lot of people during the 14th century up to the baroque period were collected and placed in a single place – specifically in the second floor. Most importantly, housed in the National Picture Gallery are the great works of the major artists of Italy. Some of these artists are Raphael, Guido Reni, Vitale de Bologna, and Francesco Francia with some of their works like St. Cecilia in Estasi, St. Sebastian, Pieta, The Slaying of the Innocents, Samson the Victorious, The Crucifixion, and many, many more. 4. Tower of the Asinelli In the 12th century, the patricians built these leaning towers that have been breaking the rules of gravity. As a matter of fact, during the middle ages, towers such as this one were very prominent in Bologna because they were considered as a status symbol. People had a notion that the taller one tower is, the family living there is more powerful. One of the towers of this attraction, the Garisenda, was a small tower that always leaned to the south because of its poor foundations. During the year 1360, some of the towers were put down due to the fact that they were leaning and many people saw this as a hazard to the safety of tourists and visitors. 5. Palazzo Comunale This town hall was put up during the 14th century and even though it has been through several alterations for the past couple of years, it remains to be one exquisite attraction for Bologna. It has a place known as the Communal Collection of Fine Arts that features different works of art from the Emilian school during the 14th century up to the 19th century. Meanwhile, in the Museum of Giorgio Morandi, works by this excellent and unique author are kept and displayed for everyone’s enjoyment. Now, some people might perceive his subjects as very normal and common that they fail to appreciate his true ability. This ability allows him to turn these dull subjects into very intense ones because of his great interpretation on things. However, one of his best works is a landscape of the Grizzana which he somehow had a connection with as he was able to spend countless instances in this place while drawing and working on his masterpieces. This city is full of great works of art that if you are someone who really appreciates these things, you will really enjoy having a vacation in this city. Not to mention, you will also learn many different things about seeing things in a more artistic way. One will also be enchanted with the beautiful architectural structures built in this city because there is no other place in the world that can offer it’s guests the same structures that are filled with many different artistic elements.