Lido di Jesolo City Guide

For most people who are not aware, Lido di Jesolo is located in the province of Italy known as Venice. It is a small city that is surrounded by amazing bodies of water. And because of this fact, many people really take the time to visit it and enjoy the warm feeling that the beaches here can bring them. Another thing that makes this location a very ideal place to unwind in is its closeness to nature with pine woods and valleys of lagoon. With this place’s beautiful landscape it would not be a surprise that a lot of people choose it as their destination for well-deserved vacations. As a matter of fact, in the early years, this place was majorly composed of lagoons; it even contained the biggest lagoon which was known as a place for horses – Equilium. But make no mistake, the beaches in this place are not the only reasons why people choose to have a vacation here because they can also do several activities here such as water sports, theme parks, and even go karting. More than that, the climate is very suitable for all these activities because it is always warm and thus, brings a very warm feeling to the people as well. For those people who are used to living their lives during night time, they don’t have to worry because for sure, Lido di Jesolo can offer them enough entertainment with different varieties of clubs and bars available until the wee hours. On the other hand, there is also a casino found near the area of the airport which is very accessible because it can be reached through taxi cabs. However, if you are the type of person who has a habit of splurging for different shops from different locations, Lido di Jesolo is also a perfect spot for you to splurge your hard-earned money because shopping will definitely not be a problem. For this city, the main location for shopping is in Via Bafile Street because found here are different variations of shops that different types of people will surely be able to enjoy. Meanwhile, Verona also contains different stores that can include designer labels like Gucci. What most tourists from around the world often buy from the shops from the mentioned locations are lace, leather goods, local wines like Valpolicella, and even Venetian glass. Another thing that keeps people want to visit this place and come back are its exquisite cuisine that are very foreign but attractive to the taste buds of the tourists. Some of the most popular cuisines are ‘Polenta’ which is made of boiled maize that is served in very thin slices, the very famous ‘Tiramisu’, and ‘Prosecco’ which is a Venetian variety of aperitif made from Campari and water. In the Cortellazzo, a fishing village, seafood can be devoured by tourists who love them.