Milan Attractions Guide

Major Milan Attractions Apart from being a fashion capital, Milan also boasts a pretty impressive collection of art and architecture masterpieces. Here are must visit places while you are in Milan: 1. The Duomo Cathedral This cathedral is an important work in architecture history, because it is the world’s largest Gothic Cathedral. It was constructed in 1386, but construction ceased and continued sporadically until it was finally completed in 1809. The Duomo has 3,400 statues, 135 spires & 96 gargoyles. It can seat 40,000 individuals all at once! It is also home to the Mseo d’Arte Contomporanea, which features a wide collection of Italian Futurist Art. 2. Santa Maria delle Grazie The Santa Maria delle Grazie Church is best known for its most famous tenant, Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘The Last Supper’. If you plan to visit and see the famous painting, make sure to book weeks ahead. Only a small group of people are allowed to see the da Vinci Masterpiece for fifteen minutes only, so you can enjoy it in peace. 3. Teatro alla Scalla It is the largest opera house in the city, and one of the largest opera houses in the world. Constructed way back in the 1300s, it is still used to this day. It can seat 2,800 persons. Visit the Museo Teatrale alla Scala while you’re in here, to see honorariums of opera giants who have performed here. 4. Tempio del la Vittoria It is situated opposite of the barracks of Garibaldi. It is a marble memorial in honor of the Milanese who died in World War I. It was inaugurated on Nov. 4,1928, in line with the 10th anniversary of Vittorio Veneto. 5. Biblioteca Ambrosiana Named after the patron saint of Milan, St. Ambrose, Biblioteca Ambrosiana is among the oldest libraries in Milan, Italy. The Biblioteca Ambrosiana is also home to a famous art gallery called the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana. 6. Castello Sforzesco The castle was built in 1368, demolished by the Milanese in 1447, but rebuilt again from 1450. It was held successively by the Viscontis and the Sforzas. 7. The National Chamber of Fashion Your trip to the fashion is not complete if you haven’t visited the National Chamber of Fashion. Founded in 1958 in the Grand Hotel, its main objective is to promote Italian fashion internationally. The Chamber of Fashion has organized many events and shows, with thousands of top models, fashion designers, politicians, celebrities, journalists and other important people. The most important event comes on months February and March, during the Milano Moda Donna Spring/Summer fashion shows, and September and October, During the Milano Moda Donna Autumn Winter fashion shows. 8. Craftsmen’s Fair Started in 1996, the Craftsmen’s Fair was immediately a commercial success. During this fair, products of craftsmen from Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa are being displayed and up for sale. It is a huge event, and one of the largest event worldwide. The fair’s space covers up to 100,000 square meters, with representations from more than 90 countries.