Napoli City Guide

Napoli, or sometimes Naples, is the capital of the Campania region and the province of Naples. Napoli is known for its rich culture, history, art, architecture and music, which was a major force in Italy and Europe throughout much of its existence. Napoli is located between two volcanoes, on Mount Vesuvius and the Phlegraean Fields, located on the coast of the Gulf of Naples. Napoli is a rich and ancient city---dating back to over 9th century B.C., it is over 2,800 years old. It is founded by the Ancient Greeks, which they called 'Neapolis' or 'New City'. So many civilizations have come and gone, each leaving their mark in the city which is now listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Napoli has a total population of around 2.25 million people. It is the second most populated city in Italy, after Milan. The city is most associated with pizza. Pizza, a food that has enjoyed massive popularity worldwide, came from humble beginnings in Napoli, Italy. Neapolitan culture is also rich, the natives have an innate love for music, the very reason why the Neapolitans invented the romantic guitar and the mandolin. Napoli is quite easy to reach, thanks to its very efficient roads, convenient train networks and nearby airport that accepts both domestic and international flights. The nearest airport is the Capodichino Airport, which connects Napoli to all major Italian cities and major European capitals. Rome's Fiumicino Airport is the nearest inter-continental airport if you are located outside Europe. The train can take you to and around Napoli expediently. Buses, trams, and cable cars are also available in the city, to efficiently bring you to and fro your destination. Neopolitan cuisine is generally seafood based, using many sauces, garlic, olive oil, tomatoes, and of course, red wine. Pizza originated here, so be sure to taste THE original pizza, pizza margherita, which is available in many Neopolitan restaurants and establishments. Napoli has some very interesting events that will give you a glimpse of the rich Neapolitan culture. On spring months from April to June, Napoli has celebrated the 'Maggio dei Monumenti' event, which shows of Italy's best artistic events and shows held in the city center and areas surrounding Naples. Be sure to be there by October, when the annual international event 'Pasta Show' is held. This event is entirely dedicated to pasta, which will be held on October every year in the Stazione Marittima in Piazza del Municipio. Occupying 10,000 sq. meters of exhibition space, you will get to discuss, see, and of course, taste the products in the event. The Neopolitan people speak a mixture of Italian and Napulitano (Neopolitan). The language has not reached an official status, but is spoken in the reigon of Campania, as well as in Lazio, Abruzzo, Molise, Basilicata and Calabria. The language has strong French and Spanish influences, thus some French and Spanish words are spoken and understood by the locals. English knowledge is very low, so be sure to equip yourself with a translator or teach yourself some basic Italian phrases and words.