Rimini Attractions Guide

Rimini Major Attractions Rimini has some beautiful beaches and nightlife, but it also has some good art, cultural and historical attractions. 1. Roman Rimini This little town dates way back from 286 B.C., and there are still several Roman artifacts and remains standing. Its main gait, the Arco d’Augusto was erected in 27 B.C. There is also a 62 meter long bridge, the Ponte di Tiberio, which was built in 21 A.D. Remains of a 2nd century Roman amphitheater still stands, which once could hold more than 10,000 spectators. 2. The Malatesta Temple The Malatesta Temple is Rimini’s best account of the Italian Renaissance. It houses many art treasures, including a 1312 Giotto painting, Piero del la Francesca frescoes and Duccio sculptures. 3. S. Agostino Church The Church dates back from 1247, with Romanesque and Gothic style architecture. It houses many important artworks and frescoes. Its 55-m bell tower is the tallest in Rimini. 4. The City Museum The former convent turned museum filled its forty rooms with more than 1,500 artworks. It also has an archaeology section, and its artworks come from the 11th to the 20th century. 5. Cattolica This charming little town is located on a small bay, and its locals based their livelihood in fishing. Cattolica is by heart a fishing village, as it had been for centuries. It has coastal attractions and amusements, and provides summer leisure activities such as music and dancing. They also have a competitive deep sea fishing competition held annually. 6. Delfinario Rimini Located beside a public beach, Delfinario Rimini is a top tourist attraction and the kids’ favorite. Here, tourists can watch dolphin shows. There is also a sea life museum, with an array of colorful and exotic sea creatures. 7. Cineteca Dubbed as the ‘Film Library’, it has a library of movies related to Rimini & Fellini. Italian movies are shown every Friday night. 8. Aquafan If you’re into some good, clean water fun, better head to Aquafan. Aquafan is the largest water park in Europe, and is a popular destination for the whole family. It has plenty of water slides and rides, and a pool with simulating waves! 9. Italia in Miniatura Another popular tourist trap is the theme park ‘Italia in Miniature’. It features many attractions, activities and rides to keep the whole family interested! It has 270 perfect scaled reproductions of Italy’s wonders, such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa and Venice canals. There is also the Science fun park, where there is a multitude of activities for the whole family. Rides only operate from March 15 to November 2. 10. Chiesa di San Agostino e San Giovanni Evangelista The Chiesa di San Agostino e San Giovanni Evangelista Church is built in the early 1200s, making it one of the most ancient churches in Rimini. The original bell tower & apse are still standing today, although much part of the building have undergone restoration work. The church’s most important works are the important frescoes, which were discovered following an earthquake in 1916.