Sorrento Attractions Guide

Popular attractions in Sorrento 1. Beaches Tourists from around the world have their different and good reasons for travelling to Sorrento. It could be Sorrento’s white sand beaches or rocky cliffs or it’s shopping districts as well as taverns and pubs that make Sorrento a good place for travel and leisure. 2. Mediterraneocharter One of the recommended places tourists should go to is the Mediterraneocharter which offers luxury yachts for tourists to rent when they want a tour around Sorrento and Amalfi coast. The said group will be the one to organize lunch, excursions to Capri or Positano, snorkelling activities, sightseeing in the Punta Campanella natural reserve, aperitif in the sunset and dinner on the beach among many others. 3. Nightlife There are several bars, pubs and taverns recommended to tourists in Sorrento. Amongst the most popular are Chaplin’s Pub, the Kiosk Bar, Li’ly, Filou Club who cater to nightlife and people who just want to have fun until the sun comes up. 4. Mami Camilla Cooking School Amazingly, one attraction in Sorrento is an educational place called Mami Camilla Cooking School. In this school, both locals and tourists can enroll to improve their culinary skills. After the course offered on Italian cuisine, the enrollee can now take pride in his/her newfound cooking skills in making truly palatable Italian food. 5. Piazzo Tasso This is yet another must-visit place in Sorrento. Piazo Tasso is the town square of Sorrento and possibly its heart. It has many food shops, restaurant and shopping areas complete with side streets and cobblestone floors. It may get a little crowded as this is the main hub of Sorrento, but taxis are available nearby, ready to take home a tourist to a nearby hotel. 6. Il Vallone dei Mulini The Deep Valley of the Mills is another place a tourist might want to consider. The valleys of Sorrento carry a large chunk of history and are truly breathtaking. 7. Correale di Terranova Museum Correale di Terranova Museum is another place where Sorrento’s history is evident and gathered all in one place. The museum is a perfect destination for both adults and children who wish to know more about Sorrento’s colorful past and culture. 8. Basilicas Alternately, Basilica di Sant'Antonino, Palazzo Correale, Chiesa di San Francesco are all historic and/or religious sites that should not be missed out on a trip to Sorrente. Visiting these places offer not only lift religious awareness but educational value as well. 9. Meta There’s also a notable place called Meta which is between Sorrento and Naples. Meta is a historic village and a good place for sightseeing. For those who want to go diving, one destination to plan on going is Sorrento Diving Center which offers tour packages and enables the tourist to have a closer, face-to-face interaction with underwater flora and fauna. 10. Shops Lastly, tourists may wish to visit a souvenir shop to bring the world of Sorrento to relatives and friends back home. One such shop is Garguilo and Jannuzzi, a specialty shop in town.