Sorrento City Guide

Sorrento is a small town in Southern Italy frequented by tourists because of its beautiful beaches and scenic view of the Bay of Naples. Sorrento was once known by its Roman name Sorrentum. According a Roman historian, Sorrento was founded by Liparus, son of Ausonus, who was king of the Ausoni and the son of Ulysses and Circe. For 200 years now people from all over the globe have visited Sorrento just to see its breathtaking sunsets and fragrances of orange and lemon gardens. The town of Sorrento is located over white cliffs of grand rock formations of the limestone mountains. People travel to Sorrento not to pay visit to historic ruins and churches. Rather, tourists love the town because what Sorrento offers is a resort paradise. The town is considered by many as a resort haven where people can enjoy white sand as well as traverse lavish green hills. Sorrento is a great destination especially when it is not raining. Since most of its attractions are outdoor activities, tourists are recommended to travel to the town when weather is calm and outdoor-friendly. Nonetheless, Sorrento is popular due to its strategic location as a starting point to all the important places nearby. One can easily go to Sorrento from Naples or Capri via ferry or hydrofoil. For this reason, Sorrento has been a popular vacation of not just wealthy tourists but even of budget travelers. In fact, Sorrento’s beautiful sea cliffs have aroused the attention of ordinary persons as well as celebrities like Enrico Caruso and Luciano Pavarotti among others. Tourists need not be afraid of not finding accommodations because several hotels are situated right next to the shore. Aside from beach-going and hiking, shopping is one of the most looked-forward to activities while in Sorrente. With a variety of goods for sale and at good prices, the cobblestoned shopping side streets of Sorrento are big hits with tourists who want to get their money’s worth. There is weekly market every Tuesday where bargains can be found. Sorrento is particularly known for their lace sheets, exquisite furniture, table linens and hand-crafted pottery. Aside from this, Sorrento’s lemons are thought to be one of the best in the world. Using lemon, locals have made products such as Limoncello (a very tasty lemon liqueur), lemon chocolate, colorful ceramic articles with lemon motives or lemon soap. One shouldn’t leave Sorrento without trying these delicacies much less without ever shopping at the small street Via S. Cesareo—the heart of Sorrento. Sorrento's centre is Piazza Tasso, built along the gorge that runs along the town square. It was named after the sixteenth-century Italian poet Torquato Tasso, who was born in this town centuries ago. Aside from visiting scenic spots and beaches, hiking and shopping, night life is also looked forward to in Sorrento. Many tourists enjoy the after-dark hours of this town, hopping from bar to bar in the company of fun-loving crowds up until the wee hours of the morning.


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