Venice City Guide

Who wouldn't want to go to Venice, Italy? It is one of the most interesting, most enchanting, and the loveliest places in the world. It is one of the most beautiful cities built by man. Although the beautiful city has decayed slightly since its heyday, its romantic charm and beauty still remains as it had almost 600 years ago. Venice is located in northern Italy, and is the capital of the region of Veneto. Venice goes by many names, such as 'La Dominante', 'the City of Water', 'the City of Bridges', 'the City of Light', 'Queen of the Adriatic' and 'Serenissima'. The total population has about 300,000. The city stretches across 118 islands in the Venetian Lagoon along Adriatic Sea in northeast Italy. Venice dates back in year 827, when a Byzantine ruler moved its seat to what is now Rialto. Venice was an important center of commerce during the whole of the Middle Ages and Renaissance period. Trading was flourishing here from the 13th to the 17th century, where various products where being traded, such as silk, grains and spices. It served as the staging area for the Battle of Lepanto and the Crusades. Venice is also famous for its major contributions of culture, art and music. Venice has virtually no car available, so your only option is to walk or to travel by water. Venice is actually the world's only pedestrian city, for because of the absence of vehicles, walking becomes a very pleasant experience. Walking is good exercise, and along the way you get to see breathtaking landscapes, excellent architectural wonders and spectacular art. Venice is not that big, but it takes months for one to discover every path in the city. It can get confusing, but signs are posted all over the city to help you on your way. If you want to get around more quickly, you can ride the many water buses or water taxis. They are generally the fastest way to get around. If you plan to take the water buses and taxis often, better purchase a travel card to save a few dollars. A one day travel card costs typically around €6.50, while three day cards costs €33, more or less. However, if you want a more quixotic ride along the canals, take a gondola ride. Enjoy the scenery through gondola rides. Gondola rides can be expensive, but they are a once in a lifetime experience so better try it while you're in Venice. Venice climate is generally hot, and the worst time to visit is during the summer months. It gets very hot and humid, and during these times the canals usually stench and there are sporadic infestations of flies. The best times are usually between November and January, when there are fewer tourists and you feel like you have Venice all to yourself.


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