Albufeira City Guide

No wonder Albufeira is among the leading tourist resorts in Portugal. The outstanding combination of its beautiful golden beaches and vivacious night-life makes it irresistible for tourists all over the world, and make it a great choice as a place for spending the summer holidays. It has excellent restaurants, bars, hotels and golf courses that make it most convenient to tourists. Albufeira was known as Baltum during the Roman Period and was later renamed Al-Buhera. This means ‘The Castle on the Sea,’ and true enough, it lives by this meaning for its colorful rocks and cliffs that reflect the real beauty of nature do make it look like a castle in the midst of the sea. One would not run out of things to do or things to enjoy in Albufeira. There are golf courses, tennis courts, walking paths, resorts, beaches, discos, bars and restaurants all over the place. People who are sporty and outgoing will enjoy water sports and even some fishing; whereas those who love to take pictures will definitely enjoy the variety and contrast shown by the clear blue waters against the spellbound green features of trees in the countryside. Nightlife in Albufeira is a one of a kind experience with music, dancing, socializing and a couple of good drinks in bars and discos. “The Strip” is very popular and young tourists tend to frequent the place in the summer. Among the most famous bars in this area are Linekers, Matt’s Bar, Reno’s, La Bamba and many others. A well-known nightclub goes by the name of Kiss and is hardly ever missed by tourists. When it comes to shopping, do not miss out on the Oceana Boutique which is just near The Strip. It ha a lot of gorgeous and trendy tops You might also want to visit the Calicos Market for fresh products in case you feel like cooking, there are also a lot of tasty fruits in this place. Meanwhile, the Retail Shopping Mall is the best place to buy some souvenirs, and you’ll find yourselves in the midst of little shops that offer you a variety of products which you should simply check out, from cool summer outfits to pots, cards and fabric. The best time to visit the city is actually anytime, because the weather is good all year round. However, if you want to experience much of the sun then you might want to visit in the summer to get more sunshine although it might be quite warm. If you want to see and experience wonderful festivals like the Chicken Festival and Feira de Nossa Senhora da Guia, visit the place in August. Traveling in the city is no sweat. The metro is easily accessible and it’s easy to get taxis as well. However, try to use public transportation such as buses and the subway since they’re usually efficient anyway. You can walk to places most of the time. You’re not advised to have your own car around if you’re not familiar with the places anyway.