Cascais City Guide

The perfect combination of urban yet grand developments in Cascais, Portugal has made it one of the best destinations that tourists love to visit. Its rich history has also contributed several places that continue to amaze and lure tourists to come back and know more about this beautiful destination. With a total of 180,000 inhabitants, Cascais hosts wonders for tourists and locals alike and amazes them with its beauty and its rich and enchanting history. Products from both sea and land are abundant which makes it suitable for living, and now, it has also become one of the most suitable destinations for a grand getaway for the tourists to relax and unwind. Cascais is officially a part of Lisbon and is easily accessible by car from the Lisbon airport through the Lisboa – Cascais route. Also accessible through inexpensive commuter trains, Alameda, which is near Cascais, is the last stop these commuter lines offer starting from Lisbon. A forty minute taxi ride is also easily accessible from the Lisbon airport to Cascais. From the Lisbon airport, tourists can also get to Cascais through riding a bus going to Cais do Sodre. Car rentals are also available for tourists to roam around Lisbon. The history of Cascais is also rich in terms of its culture and its historical developments which links back five thousand years ago. Development has been prevalent in Cascais through the years through the preservation of some of the villages in the area where a combination of Arabic and Roman influence. The popularity of Cascais started its boom when the royal family of Portugal chose it as one of their favorite vacation spots and allotted finance for its development. During summer seasons, Cascais is crowded with both customers and locals. The sea breeze offers a cool wind that is quite refreshing after strolling around plush boutiques and even local markets for great finds. The climate in Cascais is mildly warm so tourists wear light and airy clothes that prevent perspiration. During winter months, sea breeze might actually make the climate a lot cooler. Five star hotels and guest houses are also available to accommodate tourists. With comfortable and spacious rooms that can surely make the tourists happy while spending a great time in Cascais. If on a budget, rental apartments and lodgings are also easily accessible with inexpensive rates. Also, touring in Cascais in a budget can be easily done since most stores and shops offer great finds to both tourists and locals. There are a total of two tourist information offices in Cascais that can help tourists with everything they need to know while enjoying their stay. Printed guides like maps, leaflets and magazines are available for the tourists to use. These tourist points are available everyday and are also open even on Sundays and holidays in order for them to accommodate the tourists. Shopping centers are also abundant in Cascais. From designer clothes to local items from Portugal, tourists can surely shop for something that they will want. A combination of big and lavish shops and local markets both offer plush items and rare finds that can only be found in Cascais.