Fatima Attractions Guide

Popular places to visit in Fatima. Shrines and Pilgrimages Shrines and pilgrimages have been developed and they have already become one of the main attractions to the tourists. Catholic shrines and churches have also become abundant and most of these religious structures each have unique and extraordinary architecture that have become part of the attractions in Fatima. Not only pilgrims can enjoy the beauty and holiness of Fatima, but also tourists who would want to gain knowledge about the popular phenomena that occurred with no scientific explanations whatsoever. The Basilica The Basilica of Our Lady of Fatima is one of the main attractions that both pilgrims and tourists visit on a yearly basis. The Basilica is where the famous Monument of the Sacred Heart is located. The monument stands at a historical spring that is said to have been the source of many graces. The church is inspired by neoclassical architecture with colonnades that can overlook the plaza in Fatima. Also, spires that rise up to sixty five meters high complete the great neoclassical look and feel that can emanate a feeling of holiness and greatness to the Basilica itself. Tourists need to be dressed modestly so that they should not be stopped by the guards that guard the church. Tourists are not allowed to enter when wearing shorts, skirts, sleeveless blouses, and sandals as they are inappropriate to wear when visiting a sacred place. Inside the Basilica Inside the Basilica are fifteen altars which represent the fifteen mysteries of the rosary. Also, the tombs of the two shepherd children, Jacinta Marto and Francisco Marto, whose early death was predicted by the apparition, were relocated inside of the Basilica in accordance to their beatification. It was only in the year 2000 when Francisco and Jacinta were beatified after their respective deaths in 1919 and 1920. The Chapel of Apparitions Another attraction for both pilgrims and tourist is the chapel of apparitions which can be visited virtually through the use of a high resolution web camera. Regular chapel services are held by the chapel all year round with tons of pilgrims and tourist attending both personally and virtually. Near the rectory of the church stands a replacement oak tree that was planted as replacement to the small Holm oak tree which was damaged by tourists a long time ago. Also near the rectory stands the Great Berlin Wall Monument which is another attraction that tourists and pilgrims visit. The 6,000 pound chunk was an offering of a Portuguese emigrant as part of a promise of bringing down Communism for Fatima through God’s intervention. Other Attractions There are also other attractions that hold religious importance for both tourists and pilgrims. The Hungarian station of the cross is one attraction that spans three kilometers long and leads to the monument of Christ on the Cross. Also, another attraction is the original burial site of Francisco Marto and Jacinta Marto which is located right at the outskirts of Fatima near the original and well preserved homes of the children which is also frequently visited.