Fatima City Guide

The place where the famous apparition of the Lady of Fatima took place, Fatima, Portugal is a famous attraction which tourists visit to see for themselves the culture and history of the place that has been heavily influenced by religion. The name Fatima actually came from the name of an Arabic princess who was captured in the tenth century by the Christians and was baptized before she was married to the King of Ourem. It was only in 1917 where the famous apparition of the Lady of the Rosary, or Our Lady of Fatima took place where three shepherd children swore to have witnessed. A twentieth century apparition is something that has been both controversial and rare. Commonly, records of apparitions have been common in the medieval times and it stopped during the twentieth century. At the eve of World War I, the famous apparition took place and a lot of people have witnessed one of the miracles dubbed as the ‘Sun Miracle of Fatima’. The three secrets revealed by the Lady of Fatima to the three shepherd children have been kept and have been revealed one by one by the Vatican. The said secrets have helped Pope John Paul II to survive an assassination in Saint Peter’s Square. Getting to Fatima is by far accessible through the airport in Lisbon. Through car, tourists can get straight to Fatima from the airport in Lisbon. From Lisbon, tourists can also travel to Fatima by train which lasts for two and a half hours. The train arrives at Caxarias, just outside Fatima, where buses that go straight to Fatima are abundant. Tourists can also choose to travel by bus from Lisbon to Fatima. There are a total of fifteen buses a day that travel from the Lisbon to Fatima route to make it accessible for tourists and pilgrims. Pilgrimages and religious tourism is what is mostly done in Fatima. Tourists flock during May to October months for pilgrimages and religious tourism. There are a few hotels and lodgings available in Fatima since most tourists camp out with tents that they bring. All year round, pilgrims and tourists visit Fatima through cars or buses. The day before May 13 and October 13, thousands of pilgrims camp out of Fatima to wait for the feast days of Fatima. On the thirteenth of May and October, the statue of the Our Lady of Fatima is being passed through the central square while the pilgrims wave their handkerchiefs as part of their homage for Virgin Mary. Torch light processions are also done during the evenings as part of the pilgrimage. Travel resources for Fatima are abundant over the internet and they are free for printing so that they can serve as guides. Though most tourists prefer camping out and bringing their own tents, hotel accommodations and reservations can also be done to avoid the hassles and have a smooth tour around Fatima. Maps are essential guides that every tourist should have when visiting Fatima since walking is mostly done although there are also guides available that makes trekking a lot easier.