Funchal City Guide

A scenic view of nature’s magic begins at the busy harbor pf Funchal, a principal town for tourists that boasts of its natural beauty and urban modernity. Lovely parks, enchanting beaches and world-class hotels make everyone’s time well spent at the luxurious paradise Funchal can be. Funchal is the capital of Madeira and is so named due to the existence of a number of fennels which is called funcho in Portuguese. It has a nature reserve in the south, called the Savage Islands, which serves as a home for different species of flora and fauna. In the east, one will conveniently find the Madeira Airport which is just a couple of minutes drive from the heart of the city. João Zarco founded the city in the 15th century, but it was Manuel I of Portugal who was King at that time which promoted it into a city. The place was a strategic location for trade between the New World and the Indies. Funchal flourished then since it served as the port for wine and sugar that came from the Madeiran region at that time. Among the many things visitors find worthwhile in the city are swimming, water skiing, fishing and other activities that revolve around water sports and other outdoor activities which include picnics Men and women who enjoy shopping for clothes, shoes and whatnot will find a shopping haven in the center of Funchal. For instance, Madeira Shopping has over 80 shops and a bunch of restaurants and coffee shops which are strategically located so that one sees a spectacular view of the sea and the town. Dolce Vita which had its debut in 2007 cannot be missed because of its modern look and splendid supermarket. Now Bazar do Povo contains a variety of things which you can take home at affordable prices but what makes it kind of unique is that it happends to be the oldest shop in the area. Visit the wine shops in the area for a truly unforgettable experience and for fresh delicacies and local specialties, head towards Mercados dos Lavradores. Anytime and everytime is a great time to visit Funchal. It has generally good, sunny weather throughout the year, but if you want to witness special activities like the Wine Festival, visit in the last week of August or September. But if you prefer a cooler weather and you’re not so used to the sun, October might be the right month to start your visit. Use the buses or taxis when traveling in the city, although you’ll figure that walking around the town is easy. Sightseeing buses are also good for tourists and they get you to have a good view of the different places in the city. Yellow taxis offer you a fair rate, and you might also want to take advantage of adventurous sailing experiences and cruise trips in Funchal.