Lagos Attractions Guide

One of the main attractions of the city is the beaches. They are considered to be the most beautiful in the Algarve region. The city boasts of an animated lifestyle. It was once a fishing village. People in the city take pride in their beautiful coastlines. It also boasts of a rich culture as per the history of the city. There are still ruins of the 18th and 19th century buildings in the city that were damaged by a great earthquake in 1755. Aside from this, there are also other places that you can visit as Lagos’ main attractions: 1. If you like to go and see some sights in the village, you can visit Odiaxere. It is a small village of white walled houses which prides in nearby views of the Lagos bay. It also takes pride in sporting its main church that was rebuilt in the 1700s. It sports a very beautiful red Silo or sandstone doorway. 2. You can also visit the Barragem da Bravura. It is a man-made lake that would stretch beneath the mountains. It is a good place to take in the beauty of nature and relax a little. 3. You can also pay a visit to the town of Bensafrim. It is a small town by the hills. The Forte Velha necropolis is located nearby. The town has been in existence since the Iron Age and was tapped by the Romans during their occupation. 4. Luz is a fishing port that sits between the cliffs. It has preserved its culture and character even if it is one of the most important tourist centers in the city. They house a church that was built during the medieval times with gothic vaults and an arch. The altar is gilded in a baroque style carving from the 18th century. You will also be able to find the ruins of a Roman villa. You can also visit the old fort-turned-restaurant Nossa Senhora da Luz or Our Lady of Light in English. There is also a Roman burial ground in Cerro de Lorvao. 5. Ponte da Piedade is a enormous rock formation of beautiful colors – red, ochre and yellow. This provides a great contrast to the beautiful crystal blue of the sea. There are also caves and hollows that you can explore by boat. And a lighthouse is erected near an old defense fortification. 6. Meia Praia or Sao Roque is a broad expanse of sand. It stretches for about 4 kilometers. If you are into water sports, the beach offers all kinds of facilities to accommodate your interest. You will also find the Meia Praia fort on the isthmus of the Alvor bar. This was the fort defending Lagos during the 17th and 18th centuries. According to historians, it was where the galleon ship that carried the treasure of Moctezuma, the Aztec emperor captured by Herman Cortez’ soldiers, got shipwrecked. 7. If you prefer secluded beaches hidden among beautifully colored cliffs, then you can visit Batata Estudantes, Homers, Pinhao, Dona Ana or Camilo. These beaches have very calm and crystal clear waters. They also boast of beautiful rock formations in the area. It is said that the beaches give you a really refreshing feeling. 8. If you are in for a cosmopolitan treat, then you can visit Luz. Canavial and Porto de Mos have great tourist facilities that lie on the long beach nestling between the cliffs. There are a lot of things that will entice you to visit Lagos. The rich culture and the beautiful sights will definitely leave you in awe.