Lagos City Guide

Lagos in Portugal is a place of wonder and excitement that all Latin American countries possess. Its beauty was honed by 2,000 years of history and is further polished by today. This municipality lies along the Atlantic Ocean in the Algarve region in Southern Portugal. It is home to many beautiful beaches that you can swim in. Their coastline is one of the major tourist attractions. Lagos literally means “lakes” in Spanish. It is a 2,000-year-old maritime town. Its name was derived from the Celtic word, Lacobriga. It was settlement for the Carthaginians who then were there to recruit tribesmen to fight on their side in the Punic Wars. But later on, the area was occupied by the Romans. The city then because a part of the Lusitania province. Lacobriga was one of the important harbors of the Roman Empire during this time. In the 6th century, the city was occupied by the Visigoths of the Kingdom of Toledo. Later on, the Visigoths was displaced and the Byzantines came to the city. The Moors came in the eighth century, renaming the town Zawaia, meaning lake. It was then when it became considered to be part of the al-Gharb region (hence, the region’s name, Algarve). The Moors were able to establish important trade links for the town. In 1774, the first and oldest church in the Algarve region was constructed, a church for St. John the Baptist. The town became part of the Portuguese colonies in 1241. Portgual was then under King Alfonso III. It then became an independent jurisdiction in 1361 under King Pedro I. King Joao I used tie city’s harbor to assemble his fleet before he set off to sail in 1415. It was home to Prince Henry, the Navigator for most of his life. Lodging is never short of excitement here. You can check in at Hotel Tivoli Lagos and take in a very welcoming atmosphere. It flaunts 315 rooms of different sizes. It has restaurants, a bar and various spaces where you can relax or have a quiet night. They also boast of swimming pools that flow into each other. This adds to the welcoming atmosphere the hotel brings. Hotel Marina Sao Roque is a very quiet place you can stay in. They have 33 rooms that have the amenities that will definitely make you feel at home. You can relax and enjoy in the pool, restaurant, and bar. You can have some fun time in the TV and games room. You can also stay in the sun terrace on the roof top for a beautiful view overlooking Lagos, the beach and the marina. The hotel also offers sports activities that you can inquire about with management. If you really want some peace and quiet, then you can stay in Porto D. Maria. It is located in an area near 4 hectares of untouched seashore. You can rediscover what was once thought already lost by the Algarve people.