Lisbon Attractions Guide

Now here the most popular attractions in Lisbon that you shouldn’t miss: 1. Belém Tower – This is a historical site that stands as an important symbol of Lisbon. It was originally built as a lighthouse so you can easily notice that its style is reflective of the Gothic design. This fortress was built to welcome Vasco de Gama on his return after finding out the route to India. It has a captivating architecture that is well-decorated with interesting sculptures and also cupolas. You’ll surely find its arched windows quite pleasant too. 2. Jerónimos Monastery – This monastery was likewise built to sort of congratulate de Gama’s success in India. Known as the Hieronymite Convent, it contains the Church of Santa Maria. It is known for its highly sophisticated constructions as it is characteristic of the Manueline style. Here you will see magnificent royal tombs and gables. Not only is it intricate in terms of design, but it is also apparently sturdy for it survived an earthquake in 1755 without the need for major repairs. 3. National Tile Museum – This museum cannot be missed for its various collections of tiles – it is the biggest in the world and displays the history of the tiles called azulejos, tin-glazed ceramic tiles used to line interiors of Portuguese constructions from households, trains and subway stations to churches and palaces. The azulejo has been over the years and mark a unique and significant aspect of Portuguese architecture that you can only truly experience in this museum. 4. Monument to the Discoveries – You cannot miss this monument that is situated with a magnificent entrance to the Tagus River. It is 52 meters tall and it is simply an astounding sight as you’d also get to see the sculpture of Henry the Navigator, the person who sponsored the many adventures in the Age of Discovery, together with other notable individuals. 5. Rossio – This is the place to be at if you want to experience what it’s really like to live in Lisbon. You’ll get to see tourists and locals alike from the sidewalk cafes in the morning as you taste some of the good coffee yourself. A lot of shops can be found in this busy area. It is the most famous square in Lisbon that is why it is likewise a convenient meeting place for most people. 6. Gulbenkian Museum – An exciting museum which acts as a center for the arts, the Gulbenkian Museum is a legacy of a magnate named Calouste Gulbenkian to the people of Portugal. It is a significant cultural center that includes a collection of major paintings throughout history and other artistic works. The Center also serves as a performance venue that has its own library, concert halls and theaters. 7. St. George's Castle – One of the best views of the city of Lisbon can be found and experienced in this fortress. Having served at times as a home for the royalty and at other times, a prison to captives, the castle tells a lot of interesting stories and gives its visitors an enchanting moment and a chance to revisit the past. The magnificent view will also enable you to see Lisbon in a different light.