Lisbon City Guide

Your visit to Portugal will never be complete without dropping by at the city of Lisbon: the capital of Portugal, which also happens to be its largest and richest city. One of the busiest places in the country, it has a Mediterranean climate that’s considerably mild and temperate in Europe. This means that you can expect sunshine all throughout the year. It is famous for its rich historical and cultural heritage shown by its superb architecture and wonderful museums coupled by its famous nightlife which never fail to amaze tourists, visitors and guests. In the past, the Greeks used to call Lisbon as “Olissipo” and was even then known to be economically stable and powerful. It exported fish sauce called “garum” which was highly valuable especially among the elites of the Roman Empire. It was also famous for exporting wine, salt and most of all, horses which were known for their strength and speed. During the last years of the Middle Age, it became an important trading center for Mediterranean and European cities. Its golden age happened in the 16th century when it became the center of commerce in discovering essential goods such spices, textiles and sugar. Remnants of the golden age include the Belém Tower which UNESCO even considered a World Heritage Site. Visitors who come to Lisbon naturally take advantage of the city’s long ocean beaches which are famous for its white sand where different kinds of water sports where lake and river fishing adventures can also be experienced. There are also magnificent golf courses, parks, gardens and museums to visit. You will see open-air cafes and bars along the Tagus River which come alive early at night. Meanwhile, the area just between the Docks and Avenida 24 de Julho is the most suitable place to enjoy the nightlife. Shopping could also be a tremendously enjoyable treat in this city. The most popular shopping mall is Colombo but the biggest department store is El Corte Ingles. You will enjoy decorations from shops like Ourivesaria, Luvaria Ulises and Casa das Velas do Loreto. It’s also a great place to purchase gold since the gold in Portugal has appealing karats – at least 19.2 that is. Now if you’re looking for international brands, head towards the Chiado quarter for Zara, H&M, Foot Locker and many others. Avenida da Liberdade houses the haute couture with Louis Vuitton, Hugo Boss, Escada, D&G and Emporium Armani. When it comes to shopping for something to eat, don’t forget to look around the Ribeira Market for great-tasting fish and regional delicacies. Due to its wonderful climate, anyone can visit Lisbon any time of the year. But since the summer season can get quite hot, those who do not want to experience too much of the sun should visit during springtime. June to September is the peak season for travelers, and since the winter season has a low number of visitors, it is incidentally the best time to get bargains. If you get a location in the center of the city, you can stroll around and walk the distances most of the time. The metro offers an efficient mode of transportation although you can easily find taxis too.