Portimao City Guide

Portimao is a city in the Algarve region of Portugal. It has a rich history. It is also one of the most populated cities in the Algarve region. It was formerly called Vila Nova di Portimao and houses about 45,000 people. Since prehistoric times, there were already a lot of people attracted to the beautiful place of Portimao. It was a very strategic place as the mouth of the River Arade became a natural harbor for trading with the Phoenicians, Carthaginians and Greeks. The Greeks founded the Portus Hanibalis, now known as, of course, Portimao. The Romans occupied the city when the Celts were mostly in the region. The 5th century was the time of the Visigoths until the Moors invaded the city in the 8th century. The Moors called tha place Burj Munt. They particularly liked the place because the river provided access to the city of Silves. During the time of the Arabs, it was the capital of the Algarve region. Portimao was then conquered by the Portugueses in 1249 under King Alfonso III. During these times, the city experienced a very strong economical development. It became a “villa” or a small town in 1453. It was also good that the inhabitants realized early that there was a need to build walls. The place was then too bare and unprotected. Forts were also constructed in the city, and these made sure that the city was protected against the persistent attacks of corsairs and pirates. For a long time, the only way in and out of the city was through water. Until the bridge to cross the river was built, it was the only way to get to the city. The bridge was constructed after just 400 years. In the 19th century, the city was revived by the fish canning industry after a series of devastations in the 18th century, including the 1755 earthquake. It remained to be one of the strongest and most important centers for the fishing and canning industry. However, the recession in the 1980’s drove the last few factors to a close. There are a lot of things that will attract you to the place like a magnet attracts iron. First, you will be welcomes by the crystal blue waters of the sea. The gentle waves beckon you to take a swim in the sea, and the golden sands are like arms wide open to welcome new arrivals. Portimao also has a very cosmopolitan atmosphere since it is an international tourist destination. They have a rich heritage which is flaunted by their historical monuments. And the beauty of Ria de Alvor is truly enticing.