Porto Attractions Guide

Porto, as mentioned earlier, is the second largest city of the country. It, on its own, is filled with interesting sights for the tourists to see. It offers a lot for the tourists who flock to this city. There is an abundance of holiday resorts along the city’s coast. The Espinho is one of the cosmopolitan resorts that you can visit while you are at the city. You will also be able to see very busy ports like the Matosinhos for example. This port boasts of very splendid seafood. You can also go for traditional fishing towns. There is Povoa de Varzim that you can visit. This place also boasts of an animated casino where you can spend some money on. If you are interested in a little history, you will be lured by the charm of Amarante where there are 17th century mansions for you to visit. These mansions have a beautiful view of the river. The town is also famous for a sweet egg pastry called papos de anjo which means angel bellies in English. You may also visit the Villa Nova de Gaia. This is where the lodges for Port wine are located. In the lodges, wine is aged and blended. And you can even sample the different varieties of wine produced here. You may also take a river cruise along the river, Douro. You will not be dismayed with the sights of the prosperous towns in the bay of the river. You can even take a drive along the calm roads and enjoy the view of the river and take a rest on the rugged and naturally preserved coastline of the river. Matosinhos is a very industrial port. Of course, it is known for the gastronomical delights of seafood it can offer. It is also popular for the small beaches that are enclosed in rocks on its coastline. These rocks are beaten by the sea, making beautiful sea music. You will also be able to see the Monastery of Leca do Bailio from the port. There are other monuments visible from here like the 14th century church that exhibits beautiful rose windows and Gothic arches and the Order of Hospitallers’ first headquarters. You can also visit the Povoa de Varzim. This is an ancient town that has developed from a fishing community to a very popular tourist spot. It is now home to a lot of beach resorts and amusements. The casinos and the bars bring life to the night in the town. Amarante is a town surrounded by mountains and is crossed by a river called, Tamega. It is proud of the 17th century mansions which sport colorful balconies of wood. These mansions decorate the narrow streets. There are restaurants that you can enjoy a gastronomical feast in with terraces that give you a good view of the river and the ridge of Sao Goncalo. The bridge leads to the 16th century monastery that was also named after the saint. Villa nova de Gaia is the seat of industrial and commercial importance. This is a town that faces the Porto across the Douro River. It is the town where Port wine is mostly produced. You may be able to visit the wineries where the wine is blended and aged to perfection. You may sample the different wines that are produced in this town.