Vilamoura City Guide

Vilamoura was originally the creation of an extremely wealthy banker from Lisbon who dreamt of creating a lush resort and marina where tourists can enjoy themselves and relax. It is one of the largest tourist beaches where luxurious hotels, casinos, restaurants, and spacious homes are situated in. Vilamoura was originally a Roman fishing town and traces of its rich history have been preserved through museums and sites which blends well together with well developed clubs and buildings. In 1974, the construction of the resort was started and until now, establishments are continuously extending along the coast of Faro in Lisbon which is easily accessible through the Faro airport. The sunny weather and the fairly warm temperature in Vilamoura are suitable for a great and enjoyable stroll along the well landscaped paths and the preserved Roman ruins which will leave you breathless with amazement. Most tourists flock the resort during May to September months where there is relatively low rainfall and average temperature is fairly warm. During the day, tourists can wear light and comfortable clothes suitable for long strolls. Night life on Vilamoura on the other hand requires a more classy approach so most tourists bring in formal wear for fine dining and playing in casinos. The marina encloses the whole resort and its great span has a total of one thousand berths available for tourists and private owner’s leisure crafts. Water sports and other water related activities are popular in Vilamoura because of its abundance, however; other attractions which are done on land also hold the same popularity for the tourists who frequently visit. Golf courses, in particular, are well known and world tournaments have already been hosted. There are several ways to travel around in Vilamoura. Tourists usually stroll around in an area by foot to take photographs and visit the stores but bikes and scooter rentals are also available if tourists want to roam around at a farther scale. Taxis are also available in Vilamoura as well as rental cars which are suitable for travel to neighboring destinations. The development in Vilamoura has been carefully planned in order to sustain its environment and make it a suitable location for eco-holidays and excursions. Gardens full of lush greenery are seen in all places especially in golf courses where these plants both provide shade and appeal. Protection of the environment and also of the rich history of the place is a main concern and tourists should be aware of how their presence becomes an impact to the balance. A perfect amalgamation of luxury and style that is strategically designed to provide less environmental impact, tourists will love the combination of designer boutiques, local markets, and tropical delights all found in the Village of Moors commonly known as Vilamoura. Nonstop entertainment and leisure is found in Vilamoura; from world class beaches, marinas, and golf courses, to well-preserved historical remains of the Romans which are pleasing to the tourist’s eyes, No one would definitely get bored with what was once the village of the Moors has to offer.