Benidorm Attractions Guide

Tourist life in Benidorm still does not end in shopping and nightlife. Being a tourist-oriented place, it absolutely has more must-see places to offer. Both the adults and the children will never forget their stay in this town because of the various tourist destinations that can offer them with thrilling and unforgettable experience. Below are some of the tourist destinations and other places to see in Benidorm. - Golf Courses Golfers can have a full blast of relaxation as they savor the ambiance presented in Costa Blanca. Because of its standard, national championships in golf are being held in this place. - El Cisne Flea Market Women will undoubtedly enjoy the flea market in this place. Almost anything can be bought in this market and one can certainly find something to treasure here. This flea market can be also enjoyed by men if they are curious enough to look for something new that will fit their taste. Make sure not to miss this opportunity every Sunday. Also catch the one Saturday every month wherein this flea market will also be opened. Benidorm also values the wonderful works of nature. They are also rich in wildlife. There are a lot of parks that house exotic birds, wild and tamed animals, and marine creatures as well. - Marine and Exotic Wildlife Cute dolphins, adorable sea lions, loveable parrots, and other birds and marine creatures are going to be loved by children. They will all entertain not just the kids but the adults, too. - Terra Natura Children will get to know more about animals by getting closer with them. This theme park that houses not just animals but vegetation as well provides safe area where children can get closer to the animals without being harmed. Parents can also enjoy a relaxing moment without having the kids out of their sight. In general, Terra Natura is a nice place for the entire family. Even if wildlife theme parks are for the entire family, it does not mean that adults cannot enjoy a bit of excitement in this kind of place. - Vergel Safari Park This park is very famous because of its wild animals such as lions and tigers that can go near you. Those animals can roam around the park as freely as they want and that means you can have a face to face to face encounter with them as you drive around the park. Enough of the wildlife parks and let us now proceed to a theme park which provides fun for both young and young at heart. - Terra Mitica Fun Park This theme park is not only famous for its street performers but for its wonderful and exciting rides. People can watch a battle during the ancient Rome such as the Gladiator. They can also get amazed with the street performers. Terra Mitica also has a lot of rides. You should not miss Magnus Colossus (Europe’s longest wooden rollercoaster) and other famous rollercoaster such as Tizona. More rides will undoubtedly give you nothing but never-ending excitement.


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