Benidorm City Guide

Spain is a European country that is rich in tourist attractions and culture. It is famous for numerous things and also has a lot of cities and towns to be proud of. Benidorm is among its beautiful towns and is located in Alicante province. From being a humble small village just before the year 1960, its economy flourished and is now one of the best places to visit in Spain. Benidorm celebrates countless festivals. Since it is so much fun to see foreign festivals when the weather is good, most tourists often prefer to take their Spanish tour in this town during the summer season. Though the festivals are so much worth the patience and effort, you could enjoy the moment even more if the place is not so much crowded. Spring, where more festivals are merging, as well as autumn are the perfect time to visit this Spanish town. Even without those festivals, Benidorm will also become a town full of life because of the long queue of things-to-do that await you. Nightlife and different admirable form of entertainments are also available all year round in this town. You will always find something to have fun with and you will likewise savor those activities that can unwind your senses. Clubs, bars, and other theaters will surely leave you wanting more. Clubs in Benidorm have all the elements to make the ambiance have the prefect party scent. The bars on the other hand never grew tired of giving the right mix of music and games. The stage performers of the famous show-giver in this town assure nothing but world-class performance. If you are after the best club, Club KU in this town is highly recommended. You will absolutely enjoy the dance floor as your ears agree to the kind of music that the famous DJ creates. Another best party giver in this town is the KM Disco that never stops to increase the level of heat in the dance floor. These two clubs are just among the clubs that emerge especially in summer. If partying is not your thing, perhaps you will like the idea of watching a world class performance. Benidorm is also the home of the talented performers in the world. In Benidorm Palace which is open four times a week all year round, the performers show off their glamorous show and is really a must-see show. Of course your Spanish tour does not end with nightlife and fantastic entertainment alone. Traveling in a new place is also a perfect time to shop for souvenirs or for any new unique items that can only be bought in that place. In Benidorm, there are numerous shops where you can buy clothes, jewelries, and apparels. There are also some wonderful bazaars for those who are after a more exciting way of shopping cheaper items.