Granada Attractions Guide

Granada also goes beyond its historical value, nightlife, and shopping areas. There are a lot of beautiful places to see in this city – from gardens, museums, cathedrals, up to various architectural structures. Though Alhambra is the considered to be the best tourist spot in the city, the following are also considered to be the major attractions of the place. - Alhambra and Generlife This place will put you in so much ease with the colorful flowers that surrounds the garden. Fruit-bearing trees also grow in the area. The flowers and the trees exude relaxing fragrance and vibrant scenery to the entire garden. The look of the place is likewise enhanced by the majestic fountains and pools. - The Palace of Charles V This palace houses one of the important museums in this city – the La Alhambra Museum. This showcases the works of arts between 9th to 16th centuries by the Hispano-Moorish people. The cathedrals and chapels in Granada are also standing with pride. They house some of the important relic of the people who also became part of the world history. - Granada’s Cathedral Most of the cathedrals in his city are influenced by the Renaissance era. You can also find famous people who are also buried near the place. The remains of Fernando and Isabel who financed Columbus in his voyage to discover America are buried near the Royal Chapel. - Royal Chapel Museum The crown of Queen Isabella can be viewed in this museum aside from the other historical and valuable works of arts. If you love photography and you prefer to take pictures of great value in this wonderful Spanish city, there are numerous places where you can take a shot of a splendid view. - Mirador de San Nicolás This place derived its name from a nearby church and it could give an impressive view. It also highlights the beauty of Sierra Nevada Mountain. But before you can have a taste of this breath-taking view, you may need to climb a bit. Knowing the role of Islam in the history of the city, you should not be surprised if some tourist attractions in the city have touch of Moslem culture. - El Albaicín This place is equipped with cafes, restaurants, and even flamenco locales. With its narrow alleys and medieval-like streets, this place is known to be the largest barrio of Moorish that survives up to the present. This Spanish city also values with great pride some of the works of arts created by the famous Spaniards. Those things are being preserved very well. - Museum of Fine Arts The great sculpture of El Entierro de Cristo made by Jacobo Florentino is being housed here. Other significant works of the 16th century are also displayed. - Rodriguez-Acosta Foundation This museum mainly houses the works of arts by Jose Maria Rodriguez-Acosta, a painter and a true citizen of Granada. Decorative and other archeological stuff are also being shown. - Archeological Museum All the pre-historical artifacts that are important or related to this Spanish city can be seen. The artifacts of the Iberian and Phoenician cultures are likewise on the display area. With all these wonderful places to see, from gardens, chapels, up to numerous museums, a trip to Granada will not only be exciting but educational as well.