Granada City Guide

They say Granada is one of the most remarkable places in Spain. This city stands at the foot of mountains called Sierra Nevada where you will find three rivers namely Genil, Beiro, and Darro. It has its own history and value to share with many people. This city also treasures the Alhambra, a very important part left by Islam. Alhambra, a Moorish castle is among the legacy brought by the Moorish in Granada. It now stands as one of the best tourist attractions in the city. Moslems used to establish an empire in the northern part of Spain. But later on, they were driven away by the Christians. It was able to progress later on with the help of external trades and the silk industry. The perfect time of the year to visit Granada is during autumn and spring when the temperature is just appropriate for strolling and having fun. The summer season that starts in July may not be suitable for traveling, although the heat could still be bearable. You can also visit this city during the Easter Week in April and observe their celebration of this religious event. Other religious events being celebrated in Granada are Las Cruces de Mayo in May, Feria de Corpus Christi from May to June, and the colorful Jazz Festival in November. These celebrations are not just being celebrated with religious practices but also with lively music, processions, and party. Being a city in a religious country, it does not mean that the happenings in Granada are limited to Catholic practices. This city also welcomes the party-goers from all over the world and is ready to accommodate them with its bars, clubs, and other places where nightlife usually happens. However, unlike in other places, nightlife in this city is not so much busy during the holiday. It seems that bars in Granada are categorized into two. That is because there are certain areas in this city where you can find people in their early 20s hanging out in bars. You can also find group of older people in another area of the city. Pedro Alarcon is usually congested with younger people while the bars in Plaza Nueva are full of older people. Some bars in Granada increase their rates whenever there is a band that will play for the evening’s party. Today’s generations are lucky because they can enjoy the full blast of music unlike before. Loud music used to be banned because of the disturbance it gave to the neighboring residential area. More people now can enjoy bars that offer sumptuous tapa, lively music, and an atmosphere that is full of party-life. You can find different bars in the areas of Las Cuevas del Sacromonte, Campo del Príncipe, and Albaicín aside from Alhambra, Pedro Alarcon, and Plaza Nueva. Granada is also a home of different shops where you can buy a lot of things. Although it is common in this city to have closed shops on Sundays, there are still small and huge shops that are opened during the rest of the week. You can enjoy your shopping moment buying antiques, handicrafts, clothes, local products of the city, and a lot more.


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