Lloret de Mar Attractions Guide

There is so much to see and do on your Lloret de Mar, to help get you started here is a list of the top 5 attractions that you should not dare miss on your Lloret de Mar holiday. 1. Lloret Beach – this beach has been a constant favorite for the many tourists that have come this way for many years now. With its crystal blue refreshing waters and its tiny pebbled coasts, you can easily lose any sense of time as you dive in for a swim, a daring water sport or even both. If you want to feel the quietness in the beauty of this beach, come by for an early morning stroll and swim. It will be one of the best memories of your life. 2. Water World – if you’re traveling with kids who are becoming a bit restless because they cannot appreciate the charm of Lloret de Mar yet, then take them down to the Water world park where they can go wild on the different types of slides and rides that can keep them entertained for many hours. It makes for a great family fun activity as the kids can swim and play to their hearts content while the parents can also join in on the fun. 3. Gnomo Park – Gnomo Park is surely another kid’s treat that shouldn’t be overlooked as the park is packed with activities and attractions for everyone to enjoy. Golf courses, a water park, children’s attractions and a motorcycle track are just some of the things that the whole family can see and do on the day trip to the magical land. Plus there’s a hunt for the elusive gnome that you can partake in that will surely delight adults and children alike. 4. Fenals Beach – Fenals beach is tranquil and laid back and rarely becomes crowded since only a few people know about this magnificent spot existing along the coast. It’s a great place to go to if you just want to laze away without the drone of a thousand tourists staying in the more popular beaches. If you’re looking to enjoy some private time with your lover, then this is definitely the beach to go to. 5. Santa Clotilde Gardens – if in the middle of the day you find yourself looking for some peace and quiet in the busy town, then make your way to the Santa Clotilde Gardens for a well deserved afternoon breathing space. The Gardens are refreshingly peaceful with greenery all around so you will surely be able to marvel at the beauty of nature, and may even be inspired to write a poem or two. Lloret de Mar is a great holiday treat for the whole family and is packed with different attractions and activities that everyone will surely be able to enjoy. Don’t forget to lather on some sunscreen before you embark on a vacation of a lifetime. You will be glad that you did.


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