Lloret de Mar City Guide

Lloret de Mar can be considered as one of the most vibrant holiday destinations off the coast of Catalonia. Its white sands and blue seas have consistently enticed the European crowd for decades by upholding its reputation as one of the cleanest and family oriented getaways in Spain. And with so many different nationalities making their way to the coastline each summer, it’s no wonder why it has become a melting pot of different cultures and ideals. From historical landmarks to an exciting water park, Lloret de Mar has everything to fulfill your wildest holiday dreams. A town which shares a rich history with other towns on the Mediterranean, Lloret de Mar proudly shows off its share of historical remains from the roman and Iberian periods. The town has been in existence for hundreds of years and has bear witness to trade and commerce in the 15th century to its pinnacle in the 18th century when it was considered as one of the most important ports of that time. And although the port does not exist anymore, the spirit of Lloret de Mar still thrives today due to a new trade. The tourism industry. Lloret de Mar is a favorite for many shopaholics since it is home to many different trades and markets. There is always a good deal to be had wherever you go and the chances of catching a good price simply cannot be ignored. If you’re in the market for souvenirs and other traditional wares, then head on to the local market events regularly held at the Carrer dels Mestres , Carrer Verge de Loreto and the Carrer Senia del Rabic weekly. You can expect long shopping hours during the summer seasons as most shop owners are more than happy to extend their operating hours to late at night. Dining is always made memorable by the different types of cuisine available in this ultimate summer getaway. From American style steak houses to traditional British pubs, it’s like taking part in a grand food festival every single time. You can also have a taste of Spanish specialties such as their most prized paella served with a cold sparkling glass of Sangria. And you need not worry about breaking the bank as you indulge in the different flavors since dining in Lloret de Mar is always affordable. When nightfall comes, there’s no time for sleep as the town pulsates with the beat of bars and clubs which make up the lively nightlife in Lloret de Mar. you’ll surely be able to find whatever it is that tickles your fancy as you take a walk down the Avinguda Just Marles I Vilarrodona strip to check out the parties and events on any given night. For families traveling with young children, you can check out the many family friendly venues in the suburb of Fenals so that everyone will have a good time. As the summer months draw in large crowds, make sure that you make an early reservation on hotel rooms, plane tickets and resorts to avoid the hassle of coming to the crowded town with no place to go.