Valencia Attractions Guide

Below are just some of the top and popular destinations that can be found in the city of Valencia. - Xativa Two popes were born in this place. These two popes were Pope Alexander IV and Calixto III. It is a town in a mountain that still holds its ancient beauty. Churches and mansions that stand in the narrow streets of this place likewise carry the touch of medieval period. - Denia Denia is more popular with its beautiful beaches. The entire family can enjoy the sand and the cool water of the beaches that can be found in this place. This place also has wonderful castles and used to function as Roman settlement area. - Parc de l’Aigüera, Benidorm This place is perfect for a peaceful stroll, although this turns into a concert area during summer. It is accented with beauty, elegance, and a classical ambiance. Ricardo Bofill is the architect who created this prestigious landmark in Spain. - Villena A town than is known for its large area and prosperous development, Villena is a place that carries the beauty of the Renaissance period. Structures in this place are so much graceful such the Santa Maria church. There is also an archeological museum that lies in the town hall. The place will also never be complete without the palaces that were built in the 16th century. - Botanical Gardens The Valencia Botanical Garden remained on its original hometown but was then relocated in the year 1802. Since then, this Botanical Garden stands to house the various and over 3,000 species of plants. - Monforte Gardens This garden is not just surrounded by beautiful flowers and plants but is also enhanced by other wonderful things. Marble statues stand in certain areas, fountains that provide serene background music through the water that flows in them; pools as well as the streets create a unique landscaping effect to the place. - Levante / Malvarrosa Beach People who love engaging in water sports and activities will enjoy this sandy beach with very cool sea breeze and water. The facilities are great and the equipment is also complete. You do not have to worry if you do not have your sports gear with you because you can simply rent all that you need. This place is also very accessible. - Colegio Arte Mayor de la Seda This place is not just highly recommended for an educational tour but is also a nice place to visit to discover things. This art college highlights the importance of the silk industry in the city way back in 1474. In here you will learn about Saint Jerome, the patron saint of the Silk Workers' guild. All these things are not good to miss whenever you travel to Valencia. You will never get disappointed if you aim to seek fun, excitement, party, quiet moment, and educational tour, too in this city. This Spanish city simply provides all the things that would satisfy travelers.


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