Valencia City Guide

Although Spain is where most Catholic believers reside in, there are some areas of this country that were once influenced by Islam. One of these cities is Valencia, a Spanish city that is well known for its long and colorful history. This city’s history can be traced as early as 138 BC. Its first inhabitants were Iberians and they were the ones who named this city Valentia. It has been noted that Islam influenced this city the most during the early times. During their period, the trade (particularly of gold, silk, paper, leather, and ceramics) in this city flourished. However, there were also other cultures during those early civilizations that also contributed to the historical value of Valencia. Those other cultures include Roman, Visigoth, and Aragonese. In the 15th and 16th century, Valencia reached its golden period. But in the 18th century, the city experienced economical and political instability, though this was not the end of everything for this city. For years, this city has developed in many ways and is now one of the most visited places in Spain. Valencia can be visited all year round. Each season is a perfect time to visit and have merriment in this city. However, the months of June to September are the appropriate time to enjoy the beaches of the place. The rest of the seasons always offer wonderful time to explore the beauty of the Spanish city. When you travel to Valencia, you also have to be familiar with its modes of transportation (unless you have your own car) in order to have am exciting adventure. Airplanes, buses, and ferries are always ready to take you whichever part of the city you would like to go. Make known to yourself the Renfe or the Red Nacional de Ferrocarriles Españoles, the general railway network in Spain. By riding a train, you can also enjoy sightseeing while you travel. Moreover, if you wish to explore the seas in Spain or experience Spanish cruise, the city’s ferry companies such as Iscomar, Transmediterrenea and Balearia are ready to serve you. Visiting Valencia is also a wonderful way to enjoy the nightlife along with different kinds of entertainment. Bars and clubs are available all around the area; each of them has their own style of attracting tourists. The streets in El Carmen for instance have numerous pubs, bars, and other hangout places for the party-goers. Fox Congo, John Silver, and Carmen Sui Generis are just some of the bars that offer cool mix of music and disco-party ambiance. Clubs on the other hand are also full of dancing music and lively atmosphere. New York offers funky music, Carribean’s has salsa, and other clubs such as Radio City and Rambo are likewise full of energy. Of course you do not want to end your tour to Valencia without shopping. Go for the souvenir shops and other things in Plaza del Ayuntamiento. The Centros Comerciales also offer wide array of other shops for the entire family. Also try the Flea Market in the city and rummage for cheaper but valuable items. Holiday Markets are also available that sell items that are fit for a specific season.


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