Switzerland Travel Guide


Switzerland has remained a famous European tourist destination for decades now. Most honeymooners would love to drop in here and enjoy the bliss of nature. A country that combines the best of Italy, France and Germany – Switzerland is truly blessed and well-known as an all year around sporting target. The Alpine peaks and glittering lakes invites people from all over the world to enjoy skiing – the most fun sport. Come and romance in the extravaganza of beauty and glory only in Switzerland. Behind the fun and frolic, lies a serious country that believes in co-inhabitation. The country has absorbed many cultures and today it has four main languages – Swiss German, Italian, French and Romansch. Switzerland sparkles in the magnificence of its splendor cities and towns. Some of them are Lausanne, Bern, Lucerne, Neuchatel, Gruyeres, Grimentz, Scoul and Zuoz. The population of Switzerland is hardly 7.5 million and yet its branded products are sought world over. This is due to the enviable quality of life and work maintained by the local people here. They work as per the clock and keep ticking till they have nothing but the best to offer to the world. Most famous products of this country are chocolates, cheese and luxurious watches. Switzerland is ring chained on all sides by awe-inspiring mountains. The country’s financial power has helped it to nurture good tourist facilities and you will be pleased with the infrastructure of the place. Traveling around Switzerland is not a huge deal especially with so many good communication routes laid down. The country is getting trendier by the day and this explains why the country is growing in tourism sector. Switzerland is also a central force in deciding the affairs of Europe. Thanks to its central location, it is home to the United Nations office at Geneva. Landlocked by France, Germany, Austria, Italy and Liechtenstein, Switzerland has one of the highest mountains. Its natural beauty gets even better with abundant waterfalls, rivers and lakes set amid green pastures.

Places to visit

The country is flowing with attractions thanks to its rich scenery exquisiteness. Some of the highly recommended ones are the Jungfrau Region lying south of Interlaken, Chateau de Chillon at Montreux, Fasnacht Spring Carnival at Basel, Swiss National Park at Zernez, Geneva city, the Matterhorn at Zermatt, Bernese Oberland, St Moritz, Mt Pilatus, St Gallen to name a few. The most important attractions and activities of Switzerland are directly attached to its pride – the Alps. The important entertainment activities of Switzerland include hiking, mountain sports, cycling and watersports. Hiking is the national passion in Switzerland. This spectacular country is line marked with trails all over and there are proper sign posts to guide you regarding the degree of difficulty. The famous mountain sports include climbing, ice climbing, ski touring, snow boarding, heli-skiing, deep-snow skiing and glacier waking. Lake Geneva, Lake Lugano and Lake Neuchatel offer great options for sailing, canoeing and water-skiing. Shopping is also a big sport down here in Switzerland. Special things you could hunt down for include Bernese woodcarvings, chocolate & cheese, embroidery & linen, Swiss army knives and luxury hand-made clocks & watches. The center of shopping focus is to be found in Zurich that is flowing in with luxury boutiques and department stores. Don’t miss out on visiting the celebrated Bahnhofstrasse. The shopping hours are from 0900-1200 and 1400-1800 on weekdays. On Saturday, they are open in the mornings and rarely in the evenings. Also don’t forget to get a souvenir about Switzerland so you have plenty of memories to take back home!

When to go

As Switzerland lies in the laps of Alps, the climate here tends to show many variations. The climate varies from place to place within the country. As you move towards the higher altitudes, the temperatures tend to get low. On the lower plain grounds, the summers are warm and temperatures are milder. Look out for the Fohn – a hot & dry wind that sweeps away the valley and tends to be very uncomfortable. It comes along usually during the spring and autumn seasons. The best time to be in Switzerland depends on what part of the country you plan to go and what are the activities you plan to focus on. Summers last during the months from June to September. This is mostly the best time to be here if you are interested in outdoor pursuits. However, the peak time is around July and August and apart from meeting huge crowds, you also have to bear huge prices. So it would be better to avoid these months. Spring is also a good time to come down here except the week of Easter. Watch the flowers in bloom during the spring season – best time to be here! World-class events are what are on in Switzerland and there is absolutely no reason why you should miss out on something so huge. There are some great events that together can help you get the proper flavor of this wonderful country. These include the White Turf sports event, Locarno International Film Festival, Weltklasse Zurich, PGA European Tour, Geneva International Book and Press Fair, Warmer Mai Gay Festival, Zurich Pride to name a few!

Getting there and around

Switzerland is well connected with most European countries and that is why it may be even cheaper to fly in here. To get into Switzerland via bus, Eurolines is a good option. Hitting out on the roads is also a good idea because the country is connected via good and well maintained motorways or freeways. The Alps is a big barrier to building straight roads and this is why there are many tunnels to the country. You can also opt to take the railways. Taking the train may prove to be more expensive and time consuming as well. However, it is a different experience to view the sceneries while you move on the tracks and if you prefer visiting the country that way, trains could be just the one for you. There are also more than 100 airlines flying into Switzerland and that is why flying could be chosen as the best and cheapest way to access the country.