Basel Attractions Guide

City Tours When you come to visit a place as highly developed yet historically preserved as this one, you have to take the city tours to see the old as well as the new. There are guided tours that you can take so that you will not have to roam around aimlessly without really knowing the significance of what you are looking at. The tourist guides are trained professionals who know all about the history of the city as well as the architectural structures worth seeing and many other sights that need to be pointed out for the tourists to fully appreciate. The Vintage Tram Discovery Trip Taking a ride in the Vintage Tram is most definitely something that you should not miss. The ride is held every Sunday at 10:30 to 11:30 and 11:30 till 12:30 for those with reservations. You can really see the entire city especially the structures that have been preserved for many years by the people. Landmarks to see 1. The Cathedral- The red sandstone walls and multi coloured tiles of this twin towers make it the focal point and most dominant feature of the city. You have to step in its hallowed ground to see just how majestic its architecture is. 2. The Pfalz- This terrace-like structure offers the most magnificent view of the whole city. Being here is one of the most priceless experiences that you would take home when you leave. 3. The Markplatz and City Hall- This is where the seat of power in Basel is situated. It is quite and imposing building that would strike any tourist as old timey but very strong and solid. Your trip will not be complete without taking a photo of this great structure. 4. The Tinguely Fountain- This amusing sculpture in a huge pool of water has redefined the artistic personality of the Swiss. You should see it up close to appreciate its beauty. 5. Basel’s Old Town- One of the greatest things about this city is that in spite of its fully developed economy, it has not neglected to keep parts of its past intact. It shows how much they revere and commemorate their past with the old town being just as it was many hundred years ago. You would feel as if you had stepped back in time because of the original structures and homes. 6. Rhine Port/ Border Triangle- Do not miss the ride that would take you to the point where Switzerland and Germany meets halfway. You will see the entire city as well as its borders that offers a whole new kind of experience.