Bern City Guide

A visit in Bern can be a very wonderful experience for anyone. Truly, everyone can attest to how amazingly wonderful this city is that even the famous Einstein had proven it. In fact, this is where he worked and finished his known theory of relativity. Aside from being a part of a scientific revolution, you can find a lot of attractions and entertainment here that you surely will not dare to miss. Actually, Bern is known in the world for its heritage sites around the city. In fact, it is tagged by UNESCO as the “World’s Heritage Site” for the city had long kept and preserved all the medieval artifacts in existence. Also, gothic architecture can be seen around the cobblestone streets. Surely, this is one of the reasons why the city’s tourism is coming to a boost these days. Being the capital city of Switzerland, this is one of the most populated cities in the country, ranking as fourth in the list. It is one large city that includes 43 municipalities. The city’s official language is German and it is located in the Swiss plateau within the bounds of Canton of Bern. In terms of its history, Bern was built on a hilly peninsula that is surrounded by Aare River. However, back on the 19th century, it outgrew its natural boundaries. Bridges were built to connect the city beyond the River of Aare marking its expansion goals. In terms of entertainment, the city welcomes tourists and locals alike with a vibrant night life. More often than not, it caters live classical and contemporary music performances. For tourists like you, you can easily locate nightlife schedules since they are all posed in different walls around the city as well as listings on Agenda and popular newspapers. Aside from music, there are also other entertaining events such as operas, dance nights, theaters, and cultural events. Tickets in events like these are all available in Konzertkasse Casino and Herrengasse. Of course, shopping can never be out in this destination. This is what every tourist is looking for. Surely, you want to have accessible shopping places near your hotel rooms. Bern answers this need for you because of its various shopping centers including Gygax Mode, Heimatwrk Bern, Interio Botique, Kunsthandwerk Anderegg, Langenthal, and a lot more. Complete package of goods are available here from accessories, clothes, carpets, appliances, and souvenirs. Talking about transportation, it is easy to get here in Bern because it is widely connected to other cities in Switzerland. S-Bahns as well as buses are the main transportation modes in the city. On the other hand, when roaming around the city, it is a good idea to take trains. The Bern Rail Station amazingly connects the city to both national and international train stations. This is only about 106 kilometers, making it as the shortest railway in the whole of Europe. More than this, Bern is also accessible through the Bern Airport, which is located near the city of Belp.