Geneva Attractions Guide

Geneva is also filled with wonderful tourists’ attractions where your eyes can feast on. You can enjoy taking photographs, strolling and exploring the place or simply gain knowledge from the museums and other places that value historical stuff. Those great tourist spots can be seen in the form of gardens, buildings constructed with designs of the earlier eras, and museums as well. 1. Cathédrale St. Pierre You will see the Gothic and Romanesque influence in this architectural structure. This cathedral was the place where the reformation of the church established by John Calvin happened. That was in the 16th century. This became a church for the Protestants in 1536 despite the fact that it was built by the Catholic authorities. Outside this cathedral, you can find a tower with a flight of stairs that is composed of 157 steps. On top of this tower, all visitors would be mesmerized by the panoramic view that awaits them. 2. Flower Clock A local landmark found in this city and is considered to be the famous one in this category. It is the Vaud and Geneva's Union of Watchmakers who finance the maintenance of this clock. It is not just very functional but also creates marvelous impact in its surroundings. 3. Jet d'Eau Just like the Flower Clock, Jet d'Eau also serves more than just a tourist attraction and a recognizable landmark purpose in the city. Since 1891, it has been used as additional water supplier in Geneva. As of the present, it resides in Lake Geneva and it releases large volume of water from March to October. Perhaps some of the people would also wish for a quiet place where they could relax for the mean time and regain their energy before proceeding to other activities. Strolling and savoring the fresh air could be one of their relaxing options. Below are just the two best gardens in the city where you can relax. 4. Jardin Anglais At the edge of this garden is where the famous Flower Clock is located. It has an English style and showcases beautiful fountains. Jardin Anglais was founded in the year 1857 and also currently provides terraces so that visitors could enjoy a majestic view. 5. Conservatoire et Jardin Botaniques Considered to be a botanical garden that is also a home to some animals and almost 300-year old trees, this garden that was founded in the early 1900s exudes lush surroundings that are very relaxing to the eyes. However, if one of your purposes in coming to Geneva is to acquire new knowledge, the city will not disappoint you and will definitely provide you with places that are not just good to visit but are likewise nice places to learn. 6. Musée d'Art et d'Histoire Built in 1910, it displays objects that can even be traced during the Mesopotamia epoch. It likewise displays items that are valuable to the present generation. Artifacts and relics in their finest significance as well as the artworks of the painters such as Largilliére are also being presented. Museums and other places that are good for sightseeing do not end here, although these are just some of the well-known and highly attractive places in the city.