Geneva City Guide

Geneva is found at the most south-western part of Switzerland. Because of being clothed in lush green environment, no wonder that this city is rich in parks and vineyard. It is also packed with historical places as well as different tourist attractions that can actually be discovered on foot. A lot of residents would suggest tourists who want to visit Geneva to come to their city from the month of May up to October. Between July and August, the weather in this city is very pleasant and it is a very good time to stroll and go around the places. However, these periods of time are also the most crowded months. However, if you want to enjoy your tour with less crowd and cheaper hotel prices, come to this city on June and September. The moment you set foot on Geneva, do not forget to put shopping in your list of activities, especially if you love to shop. This small city is a haven for those shoppers. All the fine clothing and other signature items are being sold in here. You would not mind the price because of the quality and feature that your choice of item has. It will definitely be unique and one-of-a-kind. Most stores in Geneva are close during lunch break that usually lasted for two hours. Not all of them are open until seven in the evening and are closed on Sundays. But even if they seem to be open for only few hours in a day, wide array of choices of hot items and souvenirs are always open. Watches, chocolates, antiques, tobacco, and other stuff are being sold in the entire city and the quality can absolutely match those of being sold in the finest shops in other part of Europe particularly in London. So when you already decided that it is the day to shop in Geneva, pass by the shopping areas such as the City Center which is considered to be the most popular shopping place of the city, The Old Town if you are after antiques and art works, and in Rue des Paquis where you can find good bargains. And if you are also after cheaper items, try going to Plaine de Plainpalais, the largest flea market in the city. Let’s now talk about nightlife. This city offers more than just good food and good music. Nightlife in this city happens in different famous establishments that also serve as new ground for adventure, for relaxation, and for other purposes. Some of the famous nightlife establishments in this city have special offer for specific guests. Nightlife in Geneva in the form of dance clubs is filled with never ending excitement. Velvet for instance, a cabaret-type club presents topless females, making this a very popular spot for men. But f you are just seeking for a dance floor, the friendly and popular Le Dancing de la Coupole is where you should go. There is also a place in this city that has a formal ambiance and that is Griffin's Club which requires its guests to be dressed properly.