Grindelwald City Guide

Grindelwald is a Swiss municipality in the district of Interlaken located at about 1, 034 meters or almost 3,990 feet above sea level. It has a large population of 3,809 people having only 15.8 percent of foreign nationals. This is a very large mountain community, which is divided into seven communities. This is the very reason why this is a good place to go to during the winter season. Its glossy summits are definitely among the best attractions that has made the destination popular during this season. As years go by, Grindelwald has become the center for tourism in the country. A large number of tourists come back to this mountainous municipality. Surely, over the years, the place had earned the title of being the winter capital destination of local and international tourists. A complete travel here means perfect hiking, shopping of Swiss army knives and other souvenirs, and delectable cuisine from different restaurants here. One of the most famous is the Jasmin Garden, a Chinese restaurant that has established its name in the village. Aside from these, all tourists can enjoy all the memorable winter sports with their family and friends. Skiing is one of the most popular activities one. There are a lot of promising slopes for beginners and a number of challenging slopes like the Eiger glacier for advanced skiers. For non-skiers though, they can still enjoy other activities such as tobogganing to the groomed winter hiking tracks. Moreover, after the sun hides on the village peaks, Grindelwald amazingly transforms into a very lively town. Different bars provide refuge in the town and entertainment to its people and tourists who want the perfect nightlife with discos, beer, and wine. Among the known bars in Grindelwald are Cava Bar, Challi Bar, Disco Mescalero, and Espresso Bar. In terms of transportation, Grinderwald is a very accessible destination. One can easily travel around the place through train, bus, car, and cabs. In fact, there are a lot of buses from Interlaken that have major connections to a lot of other Swiss cities. On the other hand, if you will be traveling by train, it will only take about half an hour from Interlaken and usually costs eight to 12 francs. It is also a 30-minute drive by scooter. When it comes to traveling around the city, its wonderful tourist attractions can be reached by tour buses, rented cars, and also trains. Grinderwald has two train stations; the first one is located at the center of the town while the other one called the Grund Station is right at the valley floor. Plus, its breathtaking scenic views can be seen through cable cars.