Interlaken Attractions Guide

Must See Sights 1. Jungfraujoch- This is the highest railway station in all of Europe and it is all snow come winter. You can see all of Interlaken and most of Switzerland’s best while you are aboard this great piece of engineering marvel. 2. Grimsel II Power Plant- This is where some of the greatest tunnels can be seen along with shafts, turbines, and generators. It would be good to take your kids here so that they can see the great creations of man back when there was still very limited technology to help them build structures such as those mentioned. 3. Murren Panoramic Path- This one you really should not miss because it leads to the Valley of the Waterfalls where the water is simply pristine and pure as if God has just created it. Winter Activities During the colder seasons, tourists still flock here because of all the exciting things to do for the whole family. 1. Skiing and Snowboarding- These are two of the most famous winter activities in this tourist spot because it can be enjoyed by kids as well as adults and parents can keep an eye on their youngsters while taking the plunge as well. The slopes are quite fantastic so you would really feel the rush in your head along with that tingly feeling. There are several skiing and snowboarding sites that you can explore and it never gets to crowded which makes it perfect for family fun. 2. Winter Hiking- If you want to know what Eskimo living feels like, you have to try winter hiking with your family. The trails are friendly and it is snowy wide roads all the way. You will have a guide so getting lost should not be a concern plus you can pack supplies for when you get hungry while you are on the trail. It is not uncommon for tourist families to enjoy their Smores in the middle of the hike which can be a lot of fun for the kids. 3. Cable Car Rides- There is a different kind of high that you will experience when you go to this little paradise on Earth. Riding cable cars is a lot of fun whether you do in on account of a dare or because you really like the thrill of heights. There are many other sites that are worth seeing in this little heaven on Earth. Summers as well as winters are full of exciting activities for you and your family that would make the whole trip quite enjoyable. Many tourists come back every year or even twice a year just so they can experience Interlaken at its best. Coming to this place would be one of the best vacations that you can ever spend with your friends or family and you would think really hard before leaving its perfection.