Interlaken City Guide

Back in the 1800s Interlaken was called Aarmuhle, the main livelihood of its citizens was watch making, printing, textiles, and assembling canons. It was not until the dawn of the 20th century that this place became known to tourist which was also when tourism became the foremost income generator for the entire town. The inhabitants of this part of Switzerland are very few. In fact in the year 1764, there were only a total of 397 people living in this place partly because it was one of the most secluded territories that is not very accessible to the rest of the country. The population grew a little and now it is at more than 5,000 residents, not counting the regular tourists coming and going on a daily or weekly basis. Although Switzerland is best known to the rest of the world as the land of chocolate, it has a lot more things to offer than sweets. Interlaken, for instance, is more attuned to natural resources and nature oriented sights. Summer Activities Most foreign tourists come during the dry season because they feel it is more the time to kick back and relax. The good thing about being in this part of the world is that there are a lot of things to do whatever the weather is like. 1. Mountain Excursions- People go to Switzerland to experience nature at its best and the Swiss never fails to impress. In order for you to get the best view of the land as well as the different bodies of water, you have to see it from a higher ground and what better way to do that than hike up to get there. There are various mountain peaks that you can explore with a guide so that you can fully appreciate the beauty of this little paradise. 2. Biking- The trails in this part of Switzerland are great for day biking so you can take your whole family to explore the country side with who wheels each. You will find that there are gorgeous sceneries that you will not quite see if you do not take the tour on bike. The equipment you need is readily available and the fees are minimal 3. Village Tours- This town has one of the richest cultures in all of Europe and it is evident on the locals’ way of life and how they treat visitors from all over the world. The village tour is a must because you will be able to see all the landmarks that have been preserved through the years. The tour can be taken using several means of transportation such as carriages and trains. If you really want to take in and savour the views, you can opt to take the tour on foot. 4. Golf Holidays- For the travelling business men who are looking to have some good time in between meetings and power lunches, the Golf Holidays here in Interlaken are quite the draw. You can even do business over golf, as most tycoons do most of the time. The possibilities are endless while you are putting balls in the holes and scoring a deal on the side.