Luzern Attractions Guide

Luzern is also rich in places that attract tourists. Some are good for sightseeing and there are also some educational tourist spots such as the myriad museums in the city. You can find those tourist spots in the form of churches, bridges, palace, tower, or monument built with pride and with a touch of course of Swiss culture. 1. The KKL (Kunst- und Kongresshaus Luzern) This place contains the wonderful stage in the different concert halls where world-class stage performance happens. The famous among those halls is the La salle blanche, where you can hear majestic orchestra, acoustic, and other performance on a regular basis. This place does not only welcome musical works. It also houses the Luzern Art Museum created by Jean Nouvel. This place is just perfect for both music and art enthusiasts. 2. The Chapel Bridge It is a wooden bridge and the oldest of its kind in the entire Europe. It was originally built to protect the city during the 14th century. This bridge also encountered some misfortune, though because it was only rebuilt after it got burned in August 18, 1993. 3. Ritterscher Palace You can see an Italian structure with a touch of the Renaissance period in this palace. This place already served different purposes and already housed different important people since its construction in 1557. It used to be a private house for the mayor of Luzern. Jesuits who once lived in this city also used this place as their living quarter. At present, it houses the Swiss regional government. 4. Lion Monument This monument is not just considered to be one of the greatest monument in the entire world. It also carries a very significant historical background that is so much valuable for the Swiss. This monument was built to honor those Swiss guards during the French Revolution who died after storming Tuilleries Palace in France. The carvings made by Bertel Thorvaldsen was appreciated and admired by Mark Twain, who then described his work as moving rocks and a monument with melancholic impact. 5. Jesuit Church It is the Baroque church that was firstly built in this country. It was constructed for the Jesuits in 1666 by Father Christoph Vogler. At the inner chapel, you can find the robes of one of the most popular patron saint of the Swiss and he was Brother Klaus. Luzern is also rich in museums that present not only the colorful Swiss history but also the beauty of nature that surrounds the city. 6. Glacier Garden Just somewhere near in the Lion Monument, you can find this beautiful museum which will not only allow you to have a glimpse of what was once the lost world, but will also hand you with information about the city’s history. 7. Museum of History Lucerne This museum obviously shows most of the objects that are related to the history of the city. Anyone is free to discover it and they can even have their researches to gain more knowledge about the place. All these things will definitely complete your trip to this wonderful city. Almost every spots, shops, and other establishments are highly recommended to be visited.