Saas-Fee Attractions Guide

Top Wonders of Saas-Fee Surely, when one travels to Saas-Fee, it is good not to miss these following top destinations. Check these out and be familiar with these mostly visited areas: 1. Mittelallalin Ice Pavilion. Everyone will definitely hold their breath for this is the world’s largest ice pavilion. Its size is about an altitude of 3,500 meters right on the Mittelallalin plus a wide gallery of 70 meters is connected to the station of Metro Alpin. Children and adults can also enjoy the pavilion for there is a cable car wherein the Fee Glacier can be experienced. Plus, there is also a revolving restaurant next to it that can amazingly provide spectacular views of Saas Valley’s glacier world. 2. Ascent of Alpubel. This majestic Alphubel is a very popular ski mountain in the village of Saas-Fee. It highlights the trapezium silhouette of East and West. Two different characteristics of East and West can be observed at this mountain. Glaciers go up directly to the summit building a summit plateau almost with a length of 1 kilometer right from the South to the North. On its West, a rock face with 500-700hm width is in there. However, the highest point of Alphubel is difficult to be seen when it is foggy. On the other hand, it can be climbed greatly in early mornings of a summer season. Tourists can get there by starting from Langflue, or from the Taschhutte, or even from Mischabeljoch-Biwak. 3. Täsch Valley. The valley is best to be visited during summer usually on the months of July, August, and September. This is a neighboring valley of Dom which both belongs to Mischabel group. This valley is most famous for it appears like a three-sided pyramid offering great peak views at any side of the pyramid. Even though Täschorn is a bit lower than Dom, it is found to be difficult to access due to the forced rock climbing. Car is the recommended mode of transportation to get in this area. However, for tourists from abroad, it is best to reach here from Geneva Airport. 4. Weissmies. Known in the world for its easy peak, tourists can climb its very peak in just a single day given the right plans. Camping is allowed on the height of 25,000 meters provided that the campers are with good behavioral character. Although this peak is good to be seen during the winter, it is also good to climb here during summer. Its side to the east is gracefully covered with Weissmies glacier while it is the Trift glacier covering its west. 5. Ascent of Allalinhorn. It may take four hours to get into the top of Allalinhorn. It is 4,027 meters or almost 13,213 feet high. The best starting-point to be here is at Längfluh with basically a good tour guide. Anyone’s climb can be a worthwhile one for it offers a lot of hiking opportunities that are challenging and exciting, beautiful sights, and sports activities. So why take another route if one can find all that he wants in Saas-Fee? In this glacier kingdom, there is nothing better for any tourist who wishes to find a great winter getaway. More so, guests are still welcome to stay here during the summer.