Saas-Fee City Guide

Discovering the Alps of Saas-Fee is one of the most exciting things you can do in any Switzerland visit. This can truly be a dreamland for almost all people who travel around the world. This valley promises numerous attractions, mountain peaks, holiday resorts, and a lot of good-cultured people. No wonder, this municipality in the district of Visp often welcomes thousands of visitors in a year. This municipality has quickly climbed the peak of tourism because it is one of the famous winter destinations in the Swiss country. The place has a lot of glaciers that can almost be reached by one’s bare hands. Plus, there are a lot of exciting winter sports for sport-loving tourists. Among these sports are skiing, snowshoe trekking, carving, ice climbing, canyon climbing, and a lot more. Truly, there can be no room for boredom here in Saas-Fee during the winter. Much more, even in summers, the place provides a lot of challenging climbs for the tourists. This village also offers some other highlights like adventure parks that hold different entertaining activities. There at the heart of Saas-Fee lie long lanes of shops and boutiques that offer quality and charming goodies to buy. When it comes to food, people will always be amazed with the revolving restaurants scattered in the municipality, even at the top of its mountains. This means that hungry stomachs will always find a place to eat in these revolving stores. A Closer Look at Saas-Fee The valley of Saas-fee is the most known municipality among the four linked villages located right at the end of Saas Valley. Among its neighboring villages are Saas-Balen, Saas-Grund and Saas-Almagell. Its location apparently puts it close to the glaciers of Allalinhorn and the Dom making it an ideal area for winter sports. People intentionally visit its amazing ski run that offers a vertical drop of 1,800 meters or 5,906 feet and a top elevation of 3,550 meters. When it comes to the availability of transportation, the village offers 22 kinds of lifts. This includes the Metro Alpin that is the only railway in village, cable cars for fast tours, gondolas, and chairlifts. Being on cabs is the least choice of travelers. This is due to the fact that this mode of transportation is too expensive than the rest of the choices. Another good option is actually walking around. A traveler can effectively feel the culture of the village by doing short walks around it. Tourists get in and out of Saas-Fee through any of the flowing such as train, bus, or plane. Bus tickets can easily be purchased from the bus driver himself, Post Bus Ticketing Office, or at the train station. On the other hand, train tickets are sold at the SBB Station. A train ride to the village is a comfortable one since Visps has direct trains headed to areas such as Geneva, Martigny, Montreux, Sion, Yevey, Geneva Airport, and Lausanne. However, if you are looking for the fastest and most comfortable travel to Saas-Fee, it is best to land at Geneva’s Airport and then to take a train ride to the village.