Zermatt Attractions Guide

Must See City Attractions 1. The Igloo Village- If you come from a tropical or mild weathered country, you would surely appreciate this site as it brings you the imagery of the other ends of the world quite literally. The ice is real and you would really have that tingly feeling while you are bundled up. Kids as well as adults will appreciate this sight and have fun taking turns snowballing the whole time. 2. The Forest Fun Park- Whether you are a nature lover or you just want to enjoy the freshest air in Europe, you should most definitely make a stop in this part of Zermatt that is well preserved and offers some of the best and most exciting nature activities that you cannot experience in your own country. There are things to climb, hike, and slide through giving you the all time nature high that is rare to find these days. 3. The Rothorn Paradise- This is touted as the place where you can see the best side of the world. It offers a breathtaking view of the municipality where you can marvel at natural sights, the railways, and many other things that you will otherwise miss if you are not on this paradise. It basically gives you an all access pass to the entirety of Switzerland which is nothing short of a majestic masterpiece. 4. The Schwarzsee Paradise- If water is more your thing, the experience of being on this paradise will be nothing short of astounding because you can see some of the clearest and purest waters in the world, untouched by civilization and preserved by Mother Nature. 5. The Sunnegga Paradise- This paradise is intended for families to enjoy. Here you can enjoy shallow but crystal clear waters, hiking trails, and camping sites that would make the whole trip complete because of the time that you spend with one another. The terrains are quite safe so you do not have to be wary of your safety. 6. Zermatt is offered to the rest of the world and you should most definitely make a trip very soon. The experiences that you will have here would last you a lifetime and the moments you will spend are nothing less than the picture of perfection.