Zermatt City Guide

Zermatt is a quaint municipality in the district of Visp in the canton of Valais in the German-speaking section of Switzerland. This part of the Swiss paradise is best known for its lifts and skiing parks. One of the most remarkable natural landmarks of this Swiss municipality is the Matterhorn, which for many years until the later in the 19th century was thought to be one that is not possible to climb even for the best hikers and professional mountaineers. On the 14th of July 1865, the first ever successful ascent to Matterhorn took place but the triumph was cut tragically short by the deaths of the climbers. To this very day, no one has yet to duplicate such efforts largely because of the extreme risks involved in attempting such feat even with the new developments in mountain equipment. However, the legacy of the climbers were revered and commemorated every so often especially by fellow climbers who can only dream about getting to where those who came before them achieved beyond reproach. When you to Switzerland to take some time off, you have to make sure that you stop by Zermatt for more than a few days as this is one of the most delightful places for people who are looking to have the best time with indoor as well as outdoor activities. For intellectuals who cannot take a vacation without exposing themselves to good cerebral experience, a visit to the Matterhorn Museum is in order. This structure is built under the glass dome of a former casino. This museum arranges for various collections every week to be displayed for the benefit of local as well as foreign tourists. It has become quite the crowd pleaser especially those who are always looking forward to see art pieces. Family vacations will also be worthwhile if you go to Zermatt because of the activities that you as well as the children can enjoy all year round. If you are looking for some thrills up high, you should definitely give the highest cable car station a try. It is gondola type cable car that will take you to the highest of highs and you will scream your way to the end of the line while inhaling the thin air. Another must try when you are in this part of the Swiss paradise is paragliding. You can pretend to be a real life bird for a few moments in your life and see the world from up high. The gliding equipment is excellent and you can count on the professionals to guide you to the basics and safety points. The night life in Zermatt is one that has to be experienced firsthand to be fully appreciated. There are hundreds of bars in the area that caters to all types of locals and foreign tourists. Some of them even have their very own specially drink that you will not find in any bar anywhere else in the world which tells you how much the people here value their visitors and liquor art. If you are in your teens or twenties and you are travelling with friends, the night life here would certainly make you want to stay especially when you try the clubs that have the best and hottest dance floors where you can groove the night away. Shopaholics would think that they will strike out because of the quaint nature of the city but you would be pleasantly surprised at how much fun you have poring through bargains and sales especially at certain parts of the year. High end apparel can also be found in certain areas of the shopping district making the city very accommodating to every type of shopper and all sorts of budget.