Bournemouth City Guide

If there is probably one inhabitant that started it all in this South Coast Side of England, it probably is Lewis Tregonwell. The man purchased a lot of land in Bournemouth until it became a hit to both middle and upper class in the late 18th century. The town of Bournemouth grew rapidly as it gave rise to tall buildings and structures, railways, and has also become a center for businesses and establishments in the 19th century. Today, it is said to be one of the best holiday destinations to go to with the town boosting its famous attractions of sandy beaches, complete Jurassic and fossil accounts, and other well-preserved coastlines that will surely wow every tourist that will set foot in this big coastal resort town in United Kingdom. Entertainment and Nightlife in Bournemouth By nightfall, Bournemouth being an entertainment Capital of the South offers an upbeat atmosphere with abundance of restaurants and bars all around town. You can take your pick from different pubs like the Bar Tonka, Toko Bar, Elements, and Great Escape each offering great selection of music and excellent party atmosphere catering to both young and the not-so juvenile groups of people. An entertainment by the beach is also possible as the Pier Theater regularly holds seaside shows for locals and tourists alike. Beyond doubt, no trip to Bournemouth would be complete without a peek of the real Bournemouth nightlife spirit, making up a lively bar hop and seaside entertainment. Shopping in Bournemouth Castlepoint and Castlemore is just one of the main shopping centers in town. If you enjoy searching for unique pieces, you can’t get lost in this delightful market as most shops are just situated few miles from Bournemouth. Hunt for antiques, handicrafts, ceramics, and even old coins in their downtown market. If you want to take a break from shopping, you can relax your feet while sipping coffee or refreshing drinks at different coffee shops, bars and restaurants catering not only great sips but culinary masterpieces. Bournemouth shopping isn’t just great for shopping clothes and unusual gifts and souvenirs; it is also great for people-watching either on late afternoon sunshine or under night lights. The Best Time to Visit the City If you’re heading off to Bournemouth town for a weekend or holiday vacation, air balloons event held every August is a perfect time for you to get a glimpse of the most talked about Air Festival. For those who wanted to take advantage of school break can visit this beautiful town during summer as you unwind to the sound of ocean waves or just lounge around, appreciating the wonders bestowed upon Bournemouth. Beach and kite lovers alike can also pay a visit during the month of May as the International Beach Kite Festival is held during this month where fair weather is set to welcome guests and spectators of huge flying kites. Other fun events include A Victorian Festival of Christmas held during the month of November, Bath Comedy Festival every April and Bath Dance Festival among others. Traveling in the City Requirements in terms of Visa vary, so you better check your local UK Embassy for further details. In terms of airport transfers and car rentals, there are various cheap rental cars or regular buses and cabs to take you to and from the town. Hotels and lodge accommodations are also available in this town, giving you wide varieties of hotel choices such as the Hermitage Hotel, Connaught Hotel, the Lodge, Bay View Court, and Riviera Hotel among others. All these are yours for the taking as you travel in the city of Bournemouth. But as you travel to your heart’s content, provide yourself with sufficient funds so you wouldn’t spoil the fun as your soul wanders in this town with delight.