London City Guide

London is one of the most famous and most interesting cities in the world. Being the capital city of United Kingdom and England, this city formerly called “Londinium” during the time it was still under its Roman conquerors; is one of the financial centers in the globe. Central London houses more than 100 companies included in the Europe’s Top 500 largest businesses and more than 50 of UK’s Top 100 listed companies or firms. The area called Greater London consists of 32 districts or boroughs. And these areas comprise the Central, North, East, South and Western regions of London. These particular areas also put into classification the types of business or establishments are present within the vicinity. For example, the West End district is frequented by those who love to shop and those who are on the look for fun and entertainment. This is where Leicester Square , Oxford Street, Covent Garden and the Picadilly Circus are situated. Aside from this, the west part of London is known for posh and extravagant residential areas like Knightsbridge, Chelsea and the ever famous Notting Hill. Prices of properties in this side of the city reach up to a whopping ten million pounds. At the other side of the city lies the East End, the area nearest the earlier Port of London, which is the primary reason why most of the population here consists of immigrants. Aside being opposite of West end, area wise, this part of the city is where the poorest area in London is situated. If you’re visiting Europe specifically the United Kingdom and you want to experience a city that has it all, then London is the place to be. The city is rich in culture and history. And when it comes to shopping, night life, entertainment, dining, leisure and everything fun, London has it all. Four large airports are situated in London, there’s Heathrow, Stansted, Luton and Gatwick. This makes the city very accessible. Travelling the city is also easy. There are various forms of transportation here. You can tour by train or tube, by car, by bus or by taxi. Car rentals are abound as well. For attractions that require you to cross rivers, touring by boat is also available.